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Supplements For Memory Loss

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Memory Loss SupplementsUnlike common belief  memory loss is  not synonymous with old age, the fact now holds true for people of any age group. The snag is that memory loss treatment does have a one stop solution like the one for cold, or fever.  Supplements are a mix of herbal, and nutritional ones, and therefore have a positive effect on poor memory. Here is a low down of the best supplemental remedy for improving  memory.


A Brief Outline Of Supplements For Memory Loss



Memory loss can be cured with supplements which are a right blend of nutrients, herbs, amino acids, coenzymes, and some hormones. These supplements claim to improve intelligence, forgetfulness, long term memory loss, vision,  cognitive and mental performance.


1. Phosphatidylserine : A membranous component of nerve cells



In short it is also called as PS, and is known to show re-growth of nerve networks.  A short theory of Nerve network connections states that there exist at least 10, 000 connections for every one nerve cell, which finally is lost in cases of chronic memory loss. Studies have also confirmed that it provides hormonal balance which increases emotional stress ( one of the reasons for memory loss).


2. Cyntol: A dietary supplement addressing the issues of mental acuity


Cyntol supplementation can help in preventing free radical damage to brain thereby supporting mental vitality, and cognitive functioning. Cyntol has been clinically designed to lend sufficient ingredients for active brain functioning. These are iodine, zinc, methylcobalamin, ginkgo biloba, Korean ginseng, and lecithin extracts.


3. Rosemary:Rosemary


 A widely used spice in Mediterranean dishes, rosemary has profound  impact on memory loss. It has been noticed that combining rosemary extracts with aromatic oils can lower the cortisol levels in body, and this helps in lowering the anxiety and stress conditions. It helps in enhancing the concentration, and is a powerful memory stimulant. It can be had in form of dried herb, herbal essence oils, or in form of volatile oils.


4. Siberian Ginseng:


 It is the native to European lands, and is a wonderful mental power enhancer. It is know to stimulate blood circulation in brain cells, and also restores the mental power. Through several experiments it has been noticed that Siberian ginseng helps in maintaining mental alertness, and sharpens the mind. It is available in capsules, liquid extracts, tonic, or tablets.

These are some of power boosting supplements for mental sharpness. They are guaranteed to work for both short term memory loss and  long term memory loss like Alzheimer's disease.

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Supplements For Memory Loss