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Supplements For Insomnia

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Supplements For InsomniaInsomnia is a raging issue in today’s fast paced world, and millions of people are juggling with this health problem. In US alone, 32 million people are known to be insomnia patients and the world of insomniacs seems to grow by the minute. As there is no specific medical cure, supplements for insomnia comes can be helpful. Supplements help in calming the anxious nerves, and also induce the secretion of sleep inducing hormone called serotonin. They also prevent memory loss and cause release of chemicals which make you weary. Let us glean some data on the kinds of  supplements iby reading below.


Guide on Supplements


Nutrient deficiency seems be one of the root cause of insomnia, and supplementing your body with enough of nutrients seems to work wonders. Different causes of insomnia can be treated by a common treatment plan, and therefore varieties of supplements seem to work for all age groups.


1. Melatonin:


Melatonin is a naturally occurring sleep hormone secreted by our brain. However people in sleep deprivation status show diminished level of melatonin. It has been clinically proven that melatonin supplements helps in maintaining a good balance of circadian rhythm ( day and night cycle). It deals with depression, and delayed sleep phase like syndromes, which are major causes of insomnia. Melatonin can be also taken from tryptophan rich diets, which actually convert the tryptophan into melatonin to release it into bloodstream.


2. Tryptophan:



It is also called 5-HTP, and triggers the action of another sleep initiator hormone serotonin. This is reason why you are advised to guzzle 1 full glass of hot milk before retiring to bed. It is a tryptophan rich product, and increases the seroton

in level.


3. Calcium:


Calcium acts as a powerful sedative ( sleep inducing agent). It calms down the effect of oxidation of food, which means that slow oxidation rate. In conjunction with potassium, it can have enhanced sedative influence.


4. Valerian Roots:


Valerian roots are extreme tranquilizers, and known to improve the quality of sleep time. It eases muscle tension, anxiety, and restlessness. While being a popular herb for insomnia, it is strongly advised to refrain from it during driving. In high dose, it can cause nausea and vomiting.Valerian Extract


5. Passion Flower:


It should be essentially included in your herbal apothecary. It is mild herb for chronic insomniacs. It has a natural organic chemical called harmine, which prevent the breakdown of serotonin hormone. It can be had in form of capsules, and tincture. It is considered as the most safest herb for both children and adults.


Other Supplements:


  • Hops is known as nervous tonic, and has soothing effect for nervous brains.
  • California poppy is another valuable sleep inducing herb, It promotes sleepiness, and wards off restlessness.
  • Chamomile is another gentle herb known to have powerful sedative properties.
  • Kava kava is a gentle herb known to induce sleep, and remove depression.


These are some of supplements for those who are unwilling to pop in sleeping pills, which has its own side effects.


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Supplements For Insomnia