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Supplements For Herpes

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Supplements For HerpesYoung people are facing a new scourge of herpes, which accounts for the fact that it has reached epidemic proportion in last few years. In US alone, there is a 9 percent increase in herpes cases every alternate year. Herpes is actually an inflammation of nerve endings called ganglia. Herpes   virus, on getting activated passes down to the skin, producing extremely painful lesions. Although it is difficult to completely cure the disease, one can resort to  genuine supplements which help in herpes management.  Find a low down on top supplements below.


Most Recommended Supplements


Adhering to supplements can help a lot in easing the symptoms of herpes. One of the most observed activities is that including sufficient amount of supplements can inhibit the multiplying nature of herpes virus, and diminish the overall viral population.


1. Lysine:

Lysine Supplements

Lysine supplements can either be taken orally or can be applied topically depending on the kind of herpes infection. Lysine ( an essential amino acid) has been termed as super supplement, because it has shown remarkable efficacy in slowing down the formation of cold sores (caused by herpes-1), and shortened the life span of herpes simplex-2 virus. It retrieves the function of immune cells. Pilot studies indicate taking 3 grams of lysine as supplemental dose daily, as high dose helps in preventing the recurrence of outbreak. Lysine supplemented with propolis ( a herbal supplement), heals the wound in rapid way.

Where To Expect Lysine As Natural Supplement: Mangoes, tomatoes, yoghurt, cheese, eggs, pears, apricot, figs, chicken, fish, and brewer’s yeast.


2. Bioflavonoids:


 Bioflavonoids is a collective term given to vitamins P, hesperidin, rutein, and quercetin ( colorful pigment found in fruits). It helps in enhancing the absorption of Vitamin C, and thereby improves the wound healing capacity of tissues. Multiplication of DNA ( multiplying unit of organisms) gets inhibited by right implementation of bioflavonoids. Expect it in rose hips, broccoli, grapes, black tea, and lettuce.


3. Zinc and Lactoferrin:


Zinc is essential for better immune performance; it triggers the action of immune cells to fight off viral invasion. It helps in rapid recovery of damaged or scarred tissues. Most dairy products contain zinc, also seen in seafood, and legumes. Lactoferrin is known to completely block the entrance of virus into cells, and thus helps in preventing herpes outbreak


. Get it from milk, and rela

Peppermint Oil

ted products.


Peppermint Oil:

When topically applied, peppermint

oil showed positive effect in killing herpes virus. It penetrates deep into the skin, and through its toxic nature kills many strains of herpes. However, it should never be ingested or taken orally.



Other Helpful Supplements:

Propolis prevents the spread of virus to healthy cells. Lemon balm decreases the recurrence incidence of herpes. Zinc chelates stops the replicative action of virus.


Herpes infections can be enormously suppressed by use of these supplements provided adequate medical advice has been sought.


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Supplements For Herpes