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Supplements For Kidney Failure

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kidney supplementsKidney failure is ranked 12th among the causes of deaths, and 17th among the causes of disability.The global prevalence of kidney failure makes it imperative to look out for some alternative treatments. Supplements for kidney failure can be a mixed blend of organic molecules, nutritional supplements, and herbal supplements. Although more than 50 supplements exist for kidney failure treatment, we will enlighten ourselves with some of the important ones.


1. Grape Seed Extracts


Extensive researches have identified the positive role of grape seed oil, and its extracts in treating various kidney illnesses. Grape seed helps in preventing formation of tumors in kidney by blocking the protein responsible to trigger tumor invasion. Other useful actions are removal of toxic wastes, and deactivate the action of toxicity of drugs on kidney. It also protects the kidney from acetaminophen’s negative aspects on kidney. It has high dose of vitamin E, and C , which acts as wonderful antioxidant. Flavonoids, and linolenic acids in it also makes it shine as great supplement for kidney failures.


2. Carnitine


Carnitin is one such bio molecule which has been detected in very low levels in patients with kidney diseases. Carnitine is available in numerous supplemental forms, like L-carnitine, and acetyle – L- carnitine. It can help in free radicals scavenging task, and therefore neutralize the oxidative damage on kidney.


3. Horsetail


Horsetail has been traditionally used in tuberculosis, and kidney problems. It is a natural diuretic (agent which increases urine outflow), and helps in dissolving kidney stones, and uric acid stones. It has high dose of silica, and this imparts it one of the major property of strengthening bones, and cartilage. Recommended dose is not more than 300 mg per day.


4. EPA


EPA is one of the members of omega – 3 fatty acids. It is an important ingredient in fish oil supplements, and also abundantly found in cold water fatty fish kinds. Apart from its variety of roles, it lowers cholesterol level in and around kidney. Recommended daily consumption should not exceed more than 220 mg for adults.


5. Zinc


Though you can easily replenish your body with zinc supplements from food, it is found only in trace amount in diet. Zinc supplements therefore become essential to be taken from external source in form of powder or tablets.


These are some of the promising supplements for patients inflicted with kidney failure. It should never be followed without consulting a doctor first..


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Supplements For Kidney Failure