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Supplements For Allergies

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Quercetin SupplementsSupplements for allergy can be most sought after answer to thousands of people, who suffer from seasonal allergies. The role of supplements is to calm down the overzealous immune system, and thereby preventing further serious complications. Numerous supplements are identified to soothe mild, and acute allergic reactions, but few of them are specially recognized for providing complete relief from allergic reactions. Read on to know some of the promising supplements for keeping allergy at bay.


Top Supplements For Allergy


1. Taheebo:

Taheebo is medicinal shrub, with enriched nutritive content of vitamin A, B, C, magnesium, and calcium, and zinc. The inner purple bark is used as allergic supplement to cure allergies. It is anti fungal, and antiviral in nature, and strengthens immune functionality. One caution to be exercised is to take this supplement in combination with anti coagulant.


2. Gamma-Linolenic Acid:


Also called as GLA, this is a type of omega-6 fatty acids. This is mainly found in plant based oils, and especially in evening primrose oil. Allergic persons depict very low levels of GLA in their blood, and this is the reason for supplementing your body with GLA.


3. Quercetin:


It is one of the famous members of bio-flavonoid family. It has got amazing anti allergic properties due to its antihistamine nature. Histamines are certain chemicals released by allergic cells, and cause the discomforting symptoms to arise. Quercetin can bind to allergen which produce dreadful symptoms, and is quite helpful in soothing the immune system.


4. Vitamin C:


Incorporating vitamin C supplements can save you from falling prey to allergens. They block the permeability of cells to allergens, and help in detoxifying your body by flushing out the foreign substances. A typical dosage speaks of having 1,000 mg of vitamin C supplement three times a day.


5. Licorice:


Chewing or drinking licorice roots and tea respectively, can cure range of illness from common cold to liver diseases. The flavorful herb is considered to be an expectorant (removes mucous stuck in respiratory tract). Topical use of licorice cream is suggested for skin allergies. They come in form of teas, capsules, and liquid extracts.


6. Chinese Skullcap:


The powder of Chinese skullcap roots is good supplements for allergies. They treat infections, mucous excretions, and headaches. The anti-viral property of the herb makes it valuable supplement for allergies. Before consuming it, a genuine prescription from your doctor is strictly advised.

Astragalus Supplements

7. Tincture of Astragalus:


It helps in protecting the upper, and lower respiratory tract from infections, swellings, and allergen invasions. The tincture of astragalus is quite helpful in treating the irritation and headaches during allergies, however, it is also available in injection, and capsule forms.


Other Supplements:


  • Evening Primrose has benefits of essential oils, and helps in treating itchiness and dermatitis (skin allergies) effectively.
  • Lactobacillus cultures, also called as probiotics are good enough to create unsuitable environment for bad bacteria.
  • Other supplements are thymus extracts, and protease enzymes.

Lace your diet with these supplements, and say goodbye to seasonal allergies gladly.

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Supplements For Allergies