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Supplements For Osteoarthritis

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Supplements for OsteoarthritisOsteoarthritis has become so prevalent that it is considered synonymous to old age. Although there is no particular medical cure for the disease, certain supplements have proved to be not only safe, but also highly effective in easing the symptoms of arthritis. Several of these popular supplements aid in decreasing the pain and inflammation. This article dishes out some of the promising supplements for osteoarthritis.


Omega – 3 Fatty Acids:


Laboratory studies have strongly suggested that adequate amount of omega -3 fatty acids can slow down the progression of osteoarthritis, and also reduce the painful swelling of bones. They are extracted from vegetable oils, and from cold water fish. Generally it comes in form of fish oil capsules, or flax seed oil capsules.


Chondriotin :


Chondriotin is a naturally occurring molecule in our cartilage, but in osteoarthritis, this is somehow lost. Supplementing your body with recommended doses of chondriotin can give favorable results. It is known to remove bone stiffness, eliminate joint swelling, and is responsible for overall health maintenance of  the hips and knees.


Glucosamine:Supplements For Osteoarthiritis


Rigorous scientific testing recommends the combo supplementation of chondriotin and glucosamine. The degeneration mechanism of joint cartilage and tissues are obstructed by glucosamine. It comes in two varied forms, glucosamine sulfate, and glucosamine hydrochloride. Both are effective in repairing cartilage, and building fresh tissues. They also help in improving the water absorbing capacity of cartilage, which ultimately mitigates the joint pain.




Known as S-adenosylmethionine, it has got some anti-inflammatory properties. 600-1200 mg of SAM-e  in three times daily is the recommended dose for osteoarthritis struck patients. It lowers morning stiffness, decreases pain and swellings apart from improves walking pace. The oral supplementation is known to act in the same way as pain killers.


Organic Sulfur:


Generally found in a variety of fresh foods, this supplement is a complete remedy to sharp pain, and shooting pain during walking in osteoarthritis patients. It is combined with other supplements like glucosamine, and chondriotin to make it more effective.

Coconut Water Supplements



Joint Juice Supplement:


This is specifically designed juice comprising of glucosamine, and vitamin C as major ingredients. It helps in enhancing motion, and makes the walking pace smoother. In addition to these, joint juice also has coconut water essentials. Coconut water is known to heal pain, and swelling in most natural way.


Rose Hips:


Rose hips are nothing but the freshly picked seed pods of the rose flower. Many joint improving liquid juices are composed of rose hips, which helps in decreasing the inflammation of joint. It also relieves pain, and stiffness.


Avocado Soybean Vegetable extracts:


Another natural supplement geared towards relieving pain of osteoarthritis patients is avocado soybean vegetable extract. It is also the component of many clinical trials on the disease.

One can say goodbye to pain, and inflammation during osteoarthritis by embracing these supplements for the disease. A doctor recommendation is strictly advised pertaining to your health conditions.

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Supplements For Osteoarthritis