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Supplements For Kidney Stones

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Vitamin SupplementKidney stones are a raging health problem around the world; in fact, according to National Institute of Health, 10 million people are diagnosed every year with kidney stones in US alone. Although, medications and relevant dietary changes can help manage the condition, certain supplements play a vital role in curing and even eliminating kidney stones. Here is a look at some of the most recommended supplements that help cure and/or manage kidney stones.


Top Recommended Supplements for Kidney Stones


Kidney stones is a collective term and several different types of stones can develop in one's kidneys. The type of supplement recommended will depend on the kind of stone thats formed. Here is quick look at the different types of kidney stones...

Calcium oxalate stones: The most common form of stones, formed due to excessive intake of oxalate laden diet.

Calcium phosphate stones: Forms due to more alkaline conditions, more salts, toxins, and waste products.

Uric acid stones: More likely to result from animal rich diet.

Struvite stones: Forms due to bacterial infection in kidney.




Vitamin D and C can aid in calcium absorption and thereby, reduce the risk of calcium oxalate stone formation. Vitamin C plays a vital role in preventing this condition. It binds to free calcium, and slows down the elimination of calcium through urine and prevents the formation of calcium oxalates in the kidneys.




Agrimony is the most frequently used herbal supplement for treating kidney stones. It contains bitter alkaloids like tannins, flavonoids, and volatile oil. Its valuable use in treating kidney stones is attributed to the huge amount of silica in it.


Cranberries:Cranberries as Supplements


The next most valuable supplement to treat stones is cranberries. It is bestowed with vitamin A, E, B6, citric acid, and quinic acid. All these nutrients help in breaking the kidney stones, and prevent the formation of large stone crystals. The citric acid content helps in dissolving stones, and cause smooth passage of urine in kidney stone patients. However diabetics should restrain from drinking cranberry juice.


Cramp Bark:


It can reduce infections, cramps, and is suitable for those with struvite kidney stones. It also helps eliminate urinary tract infections that may be caused due to recurrent kidney stone formation. However, cramp bark can interfere with blood pressure medications, so a  recommendation from your doctor is must.




This shrub is an abundant source of photochemicals (plant based organic chemicals). They also show anti viral, and anti bacterial properties, which are good enough to treat infections in kidney. Some patients may experience random dizziness with its consumption. Appropriate dosage must be advised by doctor.


Auxiliary Supplements:


  • Uva ursi is an astringent tonic like supplement, which helps in treating kidney and urinary infections.
  • Dandelion roots drains out the toxic waste from kidney, thereby reducing the risk of stones.
  • Couch grass is a kidney cleanse tonic, and pain inhibitor.
  • Buchu is another kidney herb to flush out the metabolic toxins, and keep away those harmful bacteria.


Enhance the life span of your kidney with these valuable supplements. However,  do not ignore to  take  medical advice before consuming them.




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Supplements For Kidney Stones