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Food Pyramid For Pregnant Women

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Food PyramidPregnant women have to pay extra attention to the kind of diet they take, as a healthy diet is vital to successful pregnancy, and ensures proper fetal growth by alleviating complications. Galore of research have identified that a pregnant woman needs just 300 calories in extra. Food pyramid designed specifically for pregnant women is a helpful tool to understand actually what is best to be eaten for you and your baby.


Five Food Groups


Expectant mothers need 2500 calories per day. Around 10% of these calories must come from protein, 35% of calories must come from fat, and 55% percent of calories must account from carbohydrates.


Cereal and Pasta Group:


This food group provides folic acid, which is crucial for baby development and mental well being. Apart from folic acid, it also provides the all important dietary fiber and carbohydrates, which are important to ward off constipation and morning sickness that most pregnant ladies complain of. The foods under this group include rice, pasta, wheat, lentils, muffins, pancakes, bread, tortilla.

1 cup of cooked rice, 1 serving of whole wheat bread, 2 cups of pasta, 1 serving of pancake or tortilla works apt for pregnant woman.


Vegetable Group:


Vegetable help in dealing with some common pregnancy side effects like piles, and constipation. They also provide a whole bundle of micro nutrients like Vitamins and trace elements that help in proper growth of the baby. Try to include green leafy ones.

1 cup of cooked greens, and 2 cups of raw veggies are known to provide enough of iron, B vitamins, and Vitamin C.


Fruit Group:


Fruits provide enough of fibers, and also provide Vitamin C. Apart from these fruits are a highly nutritious substitute for the sugar cravings that some pregnant ladies experience. 

2 piece of melon wedge, 1 serving of banana, oranges, or sweet lime, 2 cups of dried fruits must be consumed daily.


Milk and Yogurt:


Milk is said to be the best nutrition for pregnant women. They add extra calcium, and milk proteins to your diet.

3 cups of milk, with 1 cup of yogurt is recommended dose for pregnant women.


Fats and Egg Group:


Fats however must be taken in moderation, just to make up for the lost stamina. Eggs are best to have as 1 serving per day.

Food pyramid for pregnant ladies is simple, and quite an easy task to follow, which can help you lead a nutritious pregnancy life.


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Food Pyramid For Pregnant Women