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Food Pyramid For Women Nutrition

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Female Food NutritionAdded responsibilities and limited deadlines make balanced nutrition all the more important in the life of modern age women. USDA has finally come up with a revamped version of older version of food guide, which has all the elements for a healthy female diet.

Food pyramid guidelines could easily differ among women based on their activity, age, height, and lifestyle. Read on for more details on which type of foods must be consumed more often, and the kind of foods you should consume sparingly.


Food Groups


The five food groups for female nutrition are cereals, meats and beans, vegetables, fruits and milk and dairy. An average adult American woman with adequately active lifestyle should have  a calorie intake of 2000 to 2200 calories per day. Based on this calorie requirement here are the food group details:


Whole Grains:


They control blood sugar level, diabetes, and provide energy. Women who indulge in moderate to heavy physical activites require more calories than their sedentary counterparts, and this is where complex carbohydrates in this category can cater to their needs. The best foods to choose in this food group include oatmeal, brown rice, whole wheat flour and pastas, and bread.

1 ounce of slice bread, 1 ounce of cereals, and 1 cup cooked grains goes well with this group.


Vegetable Group:


They are a rich source of antioxidants and dietary fiber, which decrease the chances of cancer, hypertension, menopausal disorders, and several other health complications. It is best to choose rainbow colored vegetables in your diet, and experiment with varieties. Include dark green or yellow veggies, more of spinach, broccoli, and cabbage, bitter melon, squash, and mushrooms are also great for female diet.

1 cup of cooked or raw veggies, followed with 1 cup of vegetable juice can work wonders for your health.


Fruit and Nuts:


Fruits provide antioxidants, instant energy, and hydrate your body. They replenish iron, and save you from anemia like conditions.

Include oranges, banana, apples, grapes, and pomegranate. Inculcate the knack of having dried fruits daily. Prefer eating whole fruits over packed fruit juices for more nutrient benefits. 


Meat and Fish:


Meat and fish can serve you with animal fats and protein. Have salmon, oily fish, boneless meat, turkey, and chicken.

1 ounce cooked, or trimmed varieties can be consumed weekly.


Milk and Dairy:


To fortify your body with loads of calcium, and milk proteins, get into the habit of guzzling 1 glass of milk daily. Milk prevents you from osteoporosis, and other dairy products like cheese, low fat curd, and milk solids help in boosting your anemia with extra proteins.

1 glass of milk, 1 cup of shredded cheese, and quarter cup of buttermilk should be taken.




This group includes sugars, fats, oils, and other sweeteners. Some dieticians also include nutritional supplements in this group. 

Not more than 5 teaspoons of sugar and around 3 to 6 spoonfuls of fats and oils must be consumed by a moderately active healthy woman. Several dieticians and physicians recommend that every female over the age of 35 yrs must consume a moderate dose of calcium supplement for better bone health. However, medical advice is always preferred before indulging in any OTC supplements. 


Follow the food pyramid guidelines, and walk down to the roads of healthy living.


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Food Pyramid For Women Nutrition