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Mushroom Capsule Benefits

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Mushroom Capsule BenefitsThere are strong scientific evidences of people consuming mushrooms  some 3000 years back to prevent the onset of various diseases. Today mushrooms are perceived as one of the greatest medicines for treating various ailments and they are sold in the form of extracts, powders and capsules. Mushroom capsules are slowly gaining popularity for the range of health benefits that they offer. Read through this blog to know what you can gain from a capsule enriched with mushroom extracts.


1. Anti-Cancer Properties

The extracts from various mushrooms species are considered effective for treating cancer. Coriolus versicolor is one such variant of mushroom which is found to be effective in curbing the severity of cancer. The beta glucans in these mushrooms are found to coordinate with receptors in white blood cells. Scientists at Agricultural, Food and Nutritional Sciences Division of the School of Biological Sciences at the University of Hong Kong have suggested that polysaccharides found in some mushroom extracts were found to be effective in inducing apoptosis , which is a phenonomenon of cell death in the leukemia cells found in the human body.


2. Protection of Liver

The capsules enriched with extracts from shitake mushrooms can boost your liver health – suggests the researchers working at Institute for Research in Molecular Medicine at the University of Sains in Malaysia. Shittake mushrooms are enriched with compounds which save the liver from getting damaged by acetaminophen. These compounds work by discouraging the production of liver enzymes which lead to production of acetaminophen. Researchers confirmed that antioxidant effects of these mushrooms were largely responsible for boosting the liver health.


3. Physical Endurance

It has been found that most of the atheletes and people involved in endurance sports depend on the cordyceps sinensis, which is a type of caterpillar fungus well-known for boosting the endurance. Some clinical studies suggest that this fungus indeed improves the strength and stamina of in human body by regulating the metabolism and improving the blood supply to muscles and throwing out the lactic acids from muscles.  


4. Immunity

Many capsules enriched with the extracts of mushrooms are known to boost the immunity. It has been found that porcini mushroom found in wild forests of Tibet and India were found to be enriched with compounds like ergosterol which is known to possess antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties. Therefore, consuming boletus edulis helps in boosting the immune system and empowers the body to fight against various pathogenic attacks.


5. Nervous System

Some mushroom variants like Lions Mane Mushroom is known to boost the nervous system. The extracts from this mushroom were found to have very effective and stimulatory effect on the nervous system. They were found to be effective in healing and promoting the growth of mylin and damaged nerve tissues. Some clinical studies have documented the improvement of cognitive functions after the usage of these mushrooms.  


Mushroom capsules are not known to cause harm. However, it is always recommended to consult with your physician before opting for it as a mode of treatment. 


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Mushroom Capsule Benefits