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Food Pyramid For Vegetarians

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Vegan Food PyramidUnlike the usual belief, vegetarian diet can provide wholesome nutrition if planned well. This makes the role of food pyramid vital in the daily nutrition for a vegetarian. Food pyramid helps one to know on what to eat, and how often to eat. Vegetarian diet should be such that it should cater to the nutritional needs of all age groups, be it teens, elders, aged people or pregnant women.


Food Groups In Vegetarian Diet


Five typical food groups endorse the vegetarian food pyramid, and each food group has different food items. It becomes essential to include all the food items, without eliminating any one of them.


Group 1: Whole Grains


  • Whole grains include unprocessed dry cereals, slice bread, tortilla, crackers, pastas, muffins, and rolls.
  • They support weight loss management, and at the same reduce risk of constipation.
  • They provide good source of daily energy, iron, zinc, fibers, and B family vitamins.
  • 6-11 servings of whole grain foods is recommended for intake.


Group 2: Legumes and Soy


  • This group may include fortified soy products, peas, beans, lentils, tofu, and soy.
  • They provide proteins, and B vitamins.
  • They are good for nervous system, muscle, and blood development.
  • 5 to 7 servings of legume based foods should be consumed.


Group 3: Vegetables and Fruits


  • Vegetables and fruits benefits are known to everyone.
  • They should include dark green yellow vegetables, dried fruits, raw fruits, and vegetables, salads, juice.
  • They are fortified with vitamins, and iron.
  • 7 to 8 servings are recommended.


Group 4: Dairy and Alternatives


  • Dairy products include cottage cheese, buttermilk, milk, curd, butter, and ricotta cheese.
  • They build bones, and provide calcium.
  • Recommended intake should be 2 to 4 per servings.


Group 5: Oils, Sugars, and Fats


  • This group has vegetable oils, nuts, and seeds, and fats.
  • They should be taken in moderation.
  • Recommended intake is 0 to 1 servings.


Food pyramid for vegetarian nutrition speaks volumes about the inclusion of fibers, vitamins, and proteins in diet, which is fulfilled easily by the specifically designed food pyramid.


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Food Pyramid For Vegetarians