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Barley Capsule Benefits

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554502-barley-capsule-benefits.f34b72782207d531b784a2c1l8055916t101029051036r1We are sure that people, who are intrigued by health benefits of barley supplements, will also be interested in trying out barley capsules too.  Barley capsules can provide you with a wide variety of health benefits and these also leave a very unique flavor in mouth, when consumed regularly along with water.


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Barley capsules have antioxidant properties.  A team of researchers working at the Shizouka University confirmed that the barley is enriched with components, which possess potential to strike against peroxynitrite. Peroxynitrite is an unstable oxidant which can cause cell death and inflict complications like inflammations, cardiovascular complications, neurodegenerative disease, etc. Scientists have affirmed presence of about 10 such chemical compounds in barley capsules, which can effectively subside the actions of peroxynitrate and inhibit the onset of various diseases.



Capsules enriched with barley extracts are found to be effective in curbing the bacterial growth in mouth. The compounds found in these extracts interfere with the bacterial adhesion and their colonization. The researchers found that barley capsules enriched with roasted barley tea were more effective in striking against the bacterial actions that hampered our oral health.



Barley supplements are well-known for their blood thinning properties. The barley capsules come in handy, especially in the wake of the fact that high viscosity of blood often leads to health disorders and impairs blood circulation throughout the body. Barley is known to improve blood fluidity, and scientists at Kagome Company suggest that this fluidity increased in proportion with alkylpyrazine.



A course of barley capsule under the supervision of medical experts can definitely benefit a diabetic – suggest medical reports. This is because barley is a good source of insoluble and soluble fibers. Soluble fibers are found to be beneficial in slowing down the sugar absorption and curbing the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Also, the insoluble fiber found in barley extracts is known to regularize the bowel functions and boost the digestion. Insoluble fiber also inhibits the risk of colon cancer.


Natural Sleeping Aid

Barley is enriched with a mind tranquilizing agent known as tryptophan. This chemical is necessary for inducing sleep in human beings. The body requires tryptophan to produce serotonin, a neurotransmitter that induces sleep and enhances our mood. The power of tryptophan found in barley is boosted by an additional hormone known as melatonin. This hormone is responsible for influencing our wake – sleep cycle.


Prostate Health

Barley is enriched with a trace mineral known as selenium. The selenium is required by the body for maintaining hormonal efficacy and cell protection. Selenium also plays a very important role in the production of protein which saves the freshly created sperm cells from getting affected by oxidative damage. A research published in a health magazine called Life Extension stated that men who consume barley capsules or other selenium supplements reduce their risk for prostate cancer by half.



Barley capsules are not known to harm anyone, still it is best to follow the policy of prevention is better than cure.  In other words, it is always good to consult your physician before making this capsule a part of your health regime. 


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Barley Capsule Benefits