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Thyme Capsule Benefits

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Thyme Capsule BenefitsA thyme capsule serves you more than just a refreshing and invigorating feeling. Each capsule is enriched with thyme oil, which contains thymol - a potent antioxidant. A website titled World's Healthiest Foods cites that thymol plays a very beneficial role in improving the concentration of healthy fats or omega-3 fatty acids in the brain cells. This is just one of the benefits offered by the capsule enriched with thyme oil. Read through this blog to know what the other thyme capsule benefits are:


Relieves Indigestion

Thyme is a well –known digestant and it has been used since time immemorial to soothe a upset stomach. Thyme is usually suggested by the herbal healers to curb the bloating and gas. The aromatherapy professionals suggest that the herb gets its gas-reducing and carminative properties from volatile oils, while the phenols present in the herb induce anti-spasmodic properties, which aid in curbing intestinal cramping.


This means you can rely on this capsule to find relief from bloating and gas which often starts bothering you after eating oily food!


Soothes Cough and Promotes Breathing

Next time when you suffer from dry cough or cold you should reach out for thyme capsules because researchers at the University of Maryland Medical Center have affirmed that thyme enriched supplements can give significant relief from colds and coughs. Some authentic scientific websites like have suggested that thyme extracts have bronchodilatory and relaxant properties.


Drugs like theophylline are given to people with breathing difficulties caused by diseases like emphysema, and other lung disorders. These drugs open and relax the air passages in the lungs. It has been scientifically proved that people relying on the thyme extract enriched supplements gain the same benefits as the ones who depend on theophylline. The thyme extracts have an ability to dilate the bronchial airways in our lungs.


In ancient medicinal texts thyme has been mentioned as a powerful expectorant. The studies suggest that thyme extracts have very powerful effects on beta -2 receptors. These extracts initiate relaxation of muscles in the lungs and serve as a bronchodilator. The thyme extract present in thyme capsules also helps in clearing mucous from chest and nose, and other toxins from the cilia.




Some people have reported of contracting allergic reactions after using the supplements enriched with thyme extracts. Other issues like abortion and uterine contractions are also recorded in animals, which were chosen for the initial studies to judge the characteristics of the thyme extract. This factor is not confirmed in case of human beings. Therefore, it is advisable to check with your doctor before opting for thyme capsules to cure breathing or any other problem. Extra care should be taken if you are expecting or trying to conceive. 


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Thyme Capsule Benefits