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Vanilla Concentrate Health Benefits

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Vanilla  Concentrate Health Benefits Vanilla concentrate, along with being the most adored flavoring agent, is a magic ingredient for brain health and weight loss too. A natural anti-carcinogenic agent, the subtle odor of this concentrate has a comforting appeal, making it ideal for stress relief. In short, it could do wonders to your health. Here is a flavorful journey of the health benefits of this concentrate…


The Goodness Of Vanilla Concentrate


Thwarts Brain Damages During Neurological Disorders

Vanillin, the active ingredient of this aromatic concentrate, is a polyphenol with excellent antioxidant properties. Vanillin has the potential to prevent brain cells from damage caused by peroxynitrite, a chemical formed during Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases. Thus, it safeguards the brain from otherwise distressing damages.


Home Remedy For Nausea

Concentrated vanilla extract is a proven home remedy for nausea. Just sip a glass of water containing 2 to 3 drops of the concentrate to calm the upset stomach triggering nausea.


An Aromatic Way To Lose Weight

Studies suggest that the aroma of this concentrate could do wonders to people in their attempt to weight loss. However, the ingredient which trigger weight loss is yet to be identified and established.


Natural Antidote For Stress

Researches have shown that the concentrate has an amazing positive effect in people suffering from anxiety as well as stress. While it is used widely in aromatherapy to calm down anxiety and associated conditions, studies also suggest that sipping milk, flavored with this concentrate can also offer relief to the people prone to stress or anxiety.


Health Benefits Of Vanilla ConcentrateAn Innate Wound Healer

The ability of this concentrate to heal wounds has been admired since ancient times. However, it is not advisable to be applied on burns or open wounds. While it is a debatable home remedy, you can try using it of a person sustained wounds and there is no first aid at your home.  


For Regular Menstruation

Ancient women used to intake this concentrate vanilla to regulate their menstrual cycles. Since this is effective only  if you have mild problems with your cycles, check with your doctor before including this in your diet.


Shield Against Cancer

The antioxidant rich polyphenol packs a punch against cancer. Studies conducted on mice proved that it has the ability to curb the multiplication and spread of cancer, and hence, it is effective in offering relief to people suffering from cancer. It is also equally effective in shielding a person from cancer from neutralizing the free radicals and preventing oxidative damages to the cells.


Cure Sickle Cell Anemia

Sickle cell anemia is a medical condition where the blood corpuscles adopt the look of sickles. Scientists suggest that the concentrate could be used for curing this condition. While the direct consumption of the concentrate is ineffective as the gastric acid destroys it, studies on producing a drug containing this ingredient are on.


Overall Wellness

  • It is a time-tested and well-acknowledged aphrodisiac.
  • This concentrate has the potential to strengthen the immune system.
  • A natural anti-inflammatory agent, it is a proven antipyretic also.


Almost everyone will have a bottle of vanilla concentrate in your kitchen cabinets. So, start making use of the health benefits offered by this humble flavoring agent from this moment!

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Vanilla Concentrate Health Benefits