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Effects of Antioxidants in Blueberry

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Effects of antioxidants in blueberriesAccording to nutritionists blueberries have the highest levels of antioxidants. Daily consumption of blueberries helps in fighting several diseases – one of the prime reasons why blueberries are recommended by health experts and nutritionists. Keep reading to know more about the benefits of antioxidants in blueberries.


Facts about Antioxidants in blueberries:

Blueberries are packed with a variety of antioxidants, providing special protection to our body from oxidative stress that is responsible for cardiovascular diseases.  Phenol content in blueberries repair damaged muscles caused due to exercise and heavy work. Along with maintaining a healthy digestive tract, antioxidants in blueberries neutralize free radicals and protect us against nervous and heart diseases.


How antioxidants in blueberries help us:

Vitamin C:

Blueberry is a rich source of Vitamin C and daily consumption of the fruit helps in maintaining healthy gums and capillaries. Vitamin C has a very important role as an antioxidant, helping in absorbing iron, essential for building healthy immune system.Blueberry dessert with antioxidant properties


Eye Care:

Presence of anthocyanins from the antioxidant family, in blueberry protects the retina from sunlight and oxidative stress. Diet experts suggest regular consumption of the fruit, especially for people who have weak eyes.Effects on antioxidant properties of blueberries


Protects nervous system:

Nerves cells have a high risk of oxygen damage, and so they require special antioxidant protection all the time. The antioxidants present in blueberries help in maintaining oxygen balance, important for healthy nerve function.


Fight against diabetes:

Blueberry helps in maintaining blood sugar levels. Diabetic patients can find significant reduction blood sugar levels with regular blueberry intake.


Other benefits of antioxidants in blue berry:

·        Helps is reducing triglycerides.

·        Improves memory

·        Perfect for maintaining normal pressure

·        Prevents breast cancer

·       Very low calorie content helps in maintaining proper weight.

·        Protects our body against bacteria

·        Beneficial in avoiding urinary tract infection

·        Prevents constipation and promotes proper digestion

Now when you know the benefits of antioxidants in blueberries, you have even more reasons for enjoying the fruit in any form…as a yummy dessert or in the raw form.


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Effects Of Antioxidants In Blueberry