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Supplements For Fibromyalgia

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Fibromyalgia SupplementsFibromyalgia is one such disease, which is being thoroughly researched to find out out better treatments for it. For time being, supplements specifically formulated for fibromyalgia can drastically improve the agonizing condition and make it more bearable. Let us explore some of the time tested remedial supplements for fibromyalgia.


5- Hydroxytryptophan

Also called as 5-HTP, this is one of the most effective supplements to mitigate pain, and reduce the tender points in body of patient. This supplement helps raise the levels of serotonin with regular usage. Serotonin is a hormone known to eliminate pain sensitized areas, and thereby improving the fatigue, fear, and anxiety of the patient.


Magnesium Malate

This is the combination of magnesium, and malic acid. Fibromyalgia patients are known to suffer from lack of energy due to reduced number of ATP (energy) molecules. This supplement is deemed to fuel more of ATP, and help patient gain energy. The magnesium helps build up impaired muscles, and bones. 



Rhodiola rosea is a herbal root known to demonstrate variety of medicinal uses. It helps in relieving from pain, anxiety, and overcome the depression that fibromyalgia patients may encounter. Apart from this, it enhances memory capacity, and cognitive ability sees drastic positive change in its effect.


Vitamin D

The sunshine vitamin helps a lot in improving immune system, and many instant researches have shown that vitamin D has been of significant use in dealing with fibromyalgia patients.


These are some of the best know supplements for fibromyalgia, which impacts the symptom in positive way. The best route to any nutritional disorder is to fill the gap of healthy nutrients, and supplements.


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Supplements For Fibromyalgia