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Tamarind Concentrate Health Benefits

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Tamarind Concentrate Health Benefits A vital ingredient in Asian kitchens, tamarind concentrate is a renowned natural digestive, laxative, carminative, as well as anti-fungal agent. Extracted from the reddish brown tamarind, the concentrate comes with many health benefits. Here is some interesting trivia about the health benefits stored in this  concentrate.


Interesting Health Benefits Of Tamarind Concentrate


Natural Fracture Healer

Tamarind is a known natural remedy for fracture. External application of a warm mixture of  concentrated tamarind extract and sesame oil is known to heal fractures.


Rich Source Of Antioxidants

Being a rich source of antioxidants, the concentrate is known to fight free radicals that can trigger cancer. These antioxidants along with vitamin E, vitamin C, and flavanoids enable the concentrate to act as a natural anti-carcinogen.


Effective Natural Remedy For Fever & Cold

The concentrate, along with turmeric, is a proven remedy for fever, cold, as well as various infections. A drink made with tamarind concentrate, cloves, sugar, milk, and cardamom is known to ease fever and related problems. You can enjoy a bowl of hot soup made with concentrated tamarind extract, freshly ground black pepper, and salt to ease nasal and chest congestion.


An Effective Digestive Aid

The concentrate is known to enhance digestive power. A natural and wonderful laxative, it ensures to offer relief to those suffering from constipation.


Good For Ears

Tamarind Juice Concentrate Health Benefits


Warm concentrate of tamarind is often advised by grandmas to ease the pain experienced in the ears. The antibiotic property of this concentrate offers relief from ear infections.


For A Healthy Skin

The concentrate can help you get rid of the body odor. Applying the concentrate to the sweaty areas closes the pores, thus preventing the body odor.


Cures Scurvy

The vitamin C present in this rich, brown concentrate is a known cure for scurvy. You can try using the concentrate along with salt and pepper or with some sweetener for faster healing, if you are suffering from scurvy.


Cure For Sprains

It is a time-tested home remedy for inflammation and pain. A slushy mixture of concentrated tamarind with water and salt, when applied to a sprained or swollen area of the body, can help in reducing the pain and curing the condition.


Overall Wellness

Many people advocate the use of this concentrate to obtain relief from malaria as well as skin inflammations. Along with being a wonderful blood purifier, the concentrate can also aid in lowering the cholesterol levels, thereby preventing various cardiovascular diseases. A decoction made from this concentrate is a proven remedy for sore throat. It is also a grandma's remedy for curing stomach worm trouble in children.


Now that you are aware of the richness of tamarind concentrate, you ought to try it out! However, since most of the benefits are vouched as natural remedies, consult with a physician before your try them.

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Tamarind Concentrate Health Benefits