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Cinnamon Capsule Benefits

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Cinnamon Capsule BenefitsMost of you might have used cinnamon in pastries, teas and ciders without realizing that it is more than just an aromatic spice. Cinnamon has been long revered for multitude of the health benefits offered by it. Cinnamon is derived from the cassia tree bark. It is mostly sold as a ground powder or stick in most of the food stores, but now consumers can derive health benefits of as a supplement in capsule form. Most of the cinnamon capsules are enriched with cinnamon oils or ground cinnamon powders.


This blog recounts cinnamon capsule benefits in detail.


Anti-Clotting and Anti-Microbial Benefits

Cinnamon capsules are enriched with essential antioxidants and oils which are revered for their anti-microbial properties. These compounds are found to be effective against fungi and bacteria. A study published in “Canadian Journal of Microbiology” (2008) stated that cinnamon oil played a very crucial role in curbing the yeast growth. It was found to be more powerful than popular yeast medicine fluconozole. A study published in  “Thrombosis Research” (2007) stated that cinnamon is enriched with compound cinnemaldehyde. Cinnemaldehyde was found to be effective in : blood thinning, preventing the blood platelets from conjugating and curbing the production of inflammatory compounds from the platelets of membrane. During various clinical trials in animals it was established that cinnamon prevented blood clots and inflammations too. 


General Health Benefits Offered by Cinnamon Capsules

Cinnamon is a good source of calcium, magnesium, and iron. Calcium found in the cinnamon is known to aid in removal of bile matter and it also inhibits the bile salts from destroying the colon cells, thereby inhibiting the chances of contracting colon cancer. A study published in 2000 stated that cinnamon is enriched with leukotrienes, prostaglandins and other essential fatty acids, which contribute to its antioxidant activities. Antioxidants save our body by inhibiting the actions of free radicals. The free radicals are notorious for inducing various dangerous diseases like cancer and they also lead to premature aging. Cinnamon capsules enriched with cinnamon oil can also aid in boosting the functions of brain. Reports that appeared in WHFoods suggest that many people have reported of improved cognitive functions after chewing the cinnamon flavored gums or smelling cinnamon.


Cinnamon Capsules are Good for Diabetics

According to a study published by Diabetic Care – Daily consumption of cinnamon helps to strike down the cholesterol levels, triglycerides, and serum glucose levels in people suffering from type 2 diabetes. Another study reported in the “American Journal of Clinical Nutrition “suggested that cinnamon can considerably lower the blood sugar levels (in people suffering from diabetes) when added to certain foods. Scientists believe that diet enriched with cinnamon can definitely help in lowering the blood sugar levels in people suffering from diabetes.


Remember Cinnamon capsule benefits can be maximized by making some healthier lifestyle choices.


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Cinnamon Capsule Benefits