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Cherry Concentrate Health Benefits

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Cherry Concentrate Health Benefits

Cherry concentrate is rich in powerful anthocyanins, that help to offer relief from painful inflammation experienced due to cancer, fibromyalgia, and arthritis. Welcome to the treasure house of health benefits offered by cherry concentrates. Read on to know more…




The Treasure Trove Of Cherry Concentrate Health Benefits


Ease Your Inflammation

Studies have proven the anti-inflammatory properties of these concentrates. Anthocyanins, the phytonutrients present in cherries, have been found to have the potential to avert the damages caused by free radicals. These phytonutrients also have the ability to inhibit the enzymes – cyclooxygenase – offering a better relief to the pain and inflammation when compared to anti-inflammatory drugs.


Health Benefits Of Concentrate Cherry JuiceOffers Relief From Arthritis

Studies conducted by Arthritis Foundation have established that regular intake of concentrated cherry with water offers relief to people suffering from arthritis. The pain and inflammation experienced in arthritis is lowered by 15% on the intake of cherry juice thrice daily.


For A Healthy Heart

You can now keep your heart healthy by consuming this fruit concentrate. The presence of anthocyanins is the secret. This magic ingredient helps in lowering the excess levels of LDL cholesterol, lowering the risk associated with cardiac problems, and thus, helps to keep the heart healthy and strong.


Thwart Off Cancer Risk

The sweet concentrate of cherry contains cyanidin. This is an antioxidant, which can scavenge the harmful free radicals and prevent the formation of cancerous cells by restricting the supply of proteins essential for their growth.


Prevent Gout With Concentrated Cherries

Gout is a painful arthritic scenario wherein joints are affected by the presence of uric acid in excessive levels. The big toe is the most affected part . Along with offering relief from the painful inflammation, the concentrate of this fruit has also proven to lower the levels of blood uric acid. Studies have proven that regular use of 2 tbsp of the fruit concentrate can lower the levels of uric acid by about 15%.


Prevent Oxidative Damages

The antioxidants rich concentrate can prevent oxidative damage which otherwise can cause various medical conditions including diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, atherosclerosis, as well as various age-relative cognitive problems in adults. The antioxidants also delay the ageing process of skin, keeping it young and glowing.


Health Benefits Of Cherry Juice Concentrate

Overall Wellness

The concentrate boosts the digestive juice secretion and urine formation, thereby acting as natural renal and hepatic cleansers. The Anthocyanins  act as memory enhancing agents and hence is a preferred memory booster in kids. Melatonin, present in cherries, helps in the regulation of sleep cycles, thereby offering relief to people suffering from sleep disorders and jet lags.


The increasing lifestyle changes are paving the way to various medical conditions, many of which have been mentioned above. So, include cherry concentrate in your diet and make use of its benefits for a better life.


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Cherry Concentrate Health Benefits