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Are you in diabitic danger zone?

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DiabetesFacts are * 3.6 crore diabetic patients in India * Inherently Indians are prone to diabites * India is number one in sweet food in the world * Fast food market is rapidly growing in India ARE YOU IN DANGER......... Don't Worry-----> Reply these Questions...and calculate Where you are... 1. What is your age? (a)Below 35 yrs. - 0 (b)35 to 49 yrs. - 20 (c)above 50 yrs - 30 2. Weast in centimeter(cm)? (a)Below 80(Female)& Below 90(male) - 0 (b)80- 89 (Female) & 90- 99 (male) - 10 (c)above 90 (female) & above 100(male)- 20 3. How active you are? (a)Daily exercise + hard work - 0 (b)Daily exercise or hard work - 20 (c)No exercise + Sitting activity -30 4. Is there any diabetic patient in your family? (a) No one - 0 (b) Either father or mother -10 (C) Both - 20 Analysis of data- -If you get 60 and above: Maximum danger 30 to 50: Moderate danger below 30: Low danger source:INDIA TODAY


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Great Work Ganesh! We need to inform this type of latest research.Keep us informed...
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Thanks for the feed-back. Ganesh
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It is said Statistics can be misleading. A lot depends upon how data is peresneted. But when it comes to diseases/disorders like obesity and diabetics these are the world wide phenomena and are due to changing life-styles. A good job done by Mr. Dutta as to curb the menace of the disease information must reach the people and need of the hour is the awareness. Such scales would help the general public to get self feedback about their vulnerability to the disease. A nice work
Are You In Diabitic Danger Zone?