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Gelatin Capsule Benefits

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Gelatin capsules are popularly known as soft gels, and they are loaded with fillers in the form of paste, liquid or suspension. The shell of such capsules is created from gelatin, which is derived from pork or beef along with plasticizing agent like glycerin. Gelatin capsules benefits include:



Improved Bio-availability

The Natural Products Inside Website states that the soft gel capsules improve the bio-availability of insoluble or poorly soluble nutrients. Manufacturers use various types of techniques to improve the effectiveness of nutrients like carotenoids, coenzyme Q10, and herbal extracts. These manufacturing methods cannot be performed with solid type of materials.


Easily Digestible

Gelatin capsules are easily digestible and get absorbed into our blood stream very easily. This means that you don’t have to fear of the medicines getting rejected by the body’s system.


Safer Alternative

Gelatin is a very safe alternative in comparison to other solids and liquids used for manufacturing capsules. According to experts, gelatin is safer for consumption since it is usually derived from beef or pork and it contains small amounts of amino acids and proteins too. If a person is allergic to pork or beef products or if they are wary of ingesting it directly then contents of the capsule can be directly emptied into the mouth. The contents can also be taken after mixing with juice or water.


Sealed hermitically

The gelatin capsules are usually hermitically sealed in comparison to other medicines. Thus, the capsules become temper evident, which means it does not get effected with any damage caused on the exterior of the capsule. Also, the  gelatin seal saves the contents from reacting with atmospheric oxygen. This condition is very important for capsules composed of fatty acids like flaxseed oil, fish oil, krill oil, etc. The gelatinized capsules are also opaque, which means it protects the composing ingredients from getting affected by light. The light deteriorates the ingredients of the capsule.


Easily Consumable

Unlike other capsules, tablets, and caplets, the gelatin capsules are easily consumable because they have a very soft and chewy texture. These capsules also hide the strong odors emanated by the fatty acids like fish oil or krill oil.


Healthy Components
Gelatin capsules are composed of components like amino acids, collagens, proteins, minerals and salts, etc. The gelatin is extracted from skin, tendons, and ligaments.

  • Collagen is a kind of protein which is present in cartilage. Collagen is important for the health of tissues. Collagen is usually extracted from pork or beef and is an extremely effective and harmless ingredient.


  • The gelatinized capsules are made up of mineral salts that account for about 1-2% of the capsule ingredients. The protein is the most abundant component and it accounts for about 85-90% of the capsule.


  • The gelatin is also composed of amino acids which serve as the building blocks for proteins. These amino acids are required for performing various complex and physiological functions. Proline, glycine, glutamic acid, hydroxyproline, arginine, alanine, lysine, and aspartic acid are some of the ingredients in gelatin capsules.


Gelatin capsules may cause stomach upset in some people, so if you have experienced any allergic reaction from gelatin at some point of time, then it is advisable to stay away from it as much as possible. Any major lifestyle changes should be made only after consulting a doctor. \


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Gelatin Capsule Benefits