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Onion For Boils — Good Or Bad

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Red OnionThere is no better way to treat red, swollen, painful bumps than onions. Deemed as one of the most effective home remedy against puss-filled boils, onions not only help to mature and flatten boils, but also release the pus, thereby thwarting the growth of infection completely.  Read on to know if onion is really effective for treating boils.


Beneficial Effects of Onion in Treating Boils

  • Nothing works better on pus-filled boils than fresh onion juice. However, sweet onions are best avoided in this case as they lack the sting required to deflate the boil effectively. Strong-smelling red onions would be your best bet in this case.
  • Garlic and onions have proved most effective among the several home remedies found beneficial in the treatment of boils. The juice of garlic or onion may be applied externally on boils to help ripen them, break them, and evacuate the pus. An equal quantity of the juices of these two vegetables can also be applied with beneficial results. Eating of two to three pods of garlic during meals will also bring good results.
  • If topically applied, fresh onion juice helps to ripen the boil, compress it, break it, and eradicate pus.  Munching on onions daily will also help in this regard.
  • Being a potent antiseptic, onions help to eliminate toxins, boosting blood circulation, soothe skin inflammation, and disinfect the wound.


How to Use Onions on Boils

  • The smaller the onion, the stronger its flavor and juice. Just boil some onions, place it in a muslin cloth, squeeze it, and strain the juice.
  • Additionally, you could add some cloves of garlic to the juice for faster relief.



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Onion For Boils — Good Or Bad