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Gluten Free Ice Cream Health Benefits

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Gluten free ice creams

Ice creams are usually gluten free products which do not include flour or grains in its purest form. However, most brands may contain hidden gluten in the form of preservatives or flavorings making it perilous for your health. A lot of companies have now taken cognizance of the problem and have come out with specific gluten free ice cream brands that are both tasty as well as healthy. Read on to find out about the many health benefits associated with these brands of ice creams.


  • Health Benefits of Carvel Ice Creams  that  are Gluten Free

The gluten less variety of ice creams from Carvel is available in all the popular flavors including vanilla, mint, maple and chocolate. While vanilla is considered good for the brain cell, the natural flavor also prevents the blood cells from assuming the typical sickle shape which causes sickle cell anemia. Mint is yet another beneficial ingredient known for its digestion friendly properties while chocolate can help to prevent cancer by virtue of its antioxidant content. Diced peaches, maraschino cherries, and raspberry puree toppings have a host of benefits too with the vitamins and minerals present in the  nutritious fruits providing the body with added nutrition.


  • Benefits of Gluten Free Skinny Cow Ice Creams

The fudge bars and mini fudge pops of the Skinny cow brand, available in Australia, Canada, and the United States are low calorie food apart from being devoid of gluten. They are ideal desserts for keeping your weight in check while the chocolaty treat can decidedly pep up your brainpower and improve the blood circulation apart from helping you get rid of that nagging cough that had been irritating you for days on end.


  • Gluten Free Coldstone Creamery Ice Cream  Health Benefits

The brand is a hot selling item in United States as well as Korea, Netherlands and Indonesia. The resultant toppings are therefore quite exotic containing bananas, mangoes, amaretto and candy cane with each adding to the nutrition of the body. While bananas might be able to provide a protective effect on your kidneys, digestive system and bone health, the sweet and tangy tasting mango can help you to keep your cholesterol levels in control apart from protecting you from diabetes. Cane sugar, on the other hand, is a natural sweetening agent that can help you to enjoy your ice cream without having to suffer from any kind of side effects later.


There are other gluten free ice cream brands available as well and all you have to do is to check the ingredients carefully before buying them. Using the same scoop for serving all flavors is a strict no-no as it might give rise to cross contamination. Use your knowledge properly and you will soon be able to enjoy the benefits of gluten free ice creams that will make the world seem like a better place.


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Gluten Free Ice Cream Health Benefits