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Easy Potato Dishes for Kids

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know about easy potato dishes for kidsMy little one is quite fond of potatoes, and it becomes easy for me to make her eat other vegetables or food items (which she otherwise wouldn’t have eaten) by mixing them with potatoes. Easy potato dishes help me save time and I also find my daughter happy through its variety, taste and mix of different ingredients. Here I am going to share some potato dishes which I often prepare for my girl, even in a hurry.


Cheesy Mashed Potatoes:

Moms can prepare the dish in 10 minutes if they keep the potatoes boiled and handy. Creamy texture and flavor of cheese attract kids towards the dish. Cheddar cheese also provides essential protein for their growing body.


Potato Wedges:

You may prepare the dish just in 15 minutes, which includes 5 minutes of preparation time. Along with required carbohydrates content the presence of olive oil helps in preventing constipation for maintaining  good health.Potato wedges for kids


Masala Curry Potatoes with Cumin and Tomatoes:

Delicious dish that takes very little effort to prepare. Cumin gives the dish a mouth watering flavor and it also helps in absorbing nutrients into the system. You can serve the dish with puri, or roti as a part of breakfast or lunch.


Easy Potato salad:

Ideal dish for evening snacks; the dish has a tangy taste and can be prepared in 15 minutes. The dish is also one best way of making your child eat eggs.Potato salad as evening snack


Easy Gratin Potatoes-Tomato:

Quick and easy potato dish; presence of milk gives the dish a creamy texture and also increases calcium content. My daughter hates eating mushroom and I found it an amazing dish to make her eat those.


Potato Crusted Pizza:

You may quickly prepare the dish and serve it anytime to your kid. Variety of vegetables and herbs make the dish nutritious.Shredded potato crusted pizza


Chunky Homemade Chips:

An ideal dish for munching; these chips can be prepared in 45 minutes and you can always prepare some extra and store it for later use.

So, happy cooking with your easy potato dishes – hope your kids love it too!


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Easy Potato Dishes For Kids