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Gluten Free Soup Health Benefits

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Gluten Free SoupYou can always opt for preparing  gluten free soup at home as the commercial ones are apt to contain thickeners that may contain gluten. The process will not only give you a tasty, allergen free dish but will impart  several health benefits to you. Read on to learn about how you could derive the maximum out of these unique entrees.


  • Tomato-Basil Soup- Health Benefits

Garden fresh tomatoes combined with basil and simmering in chicken stock sounds like manna from heaven.  The red tomatoes are full of antioxidants apart from the vitamins that leave you invigorated and ready to take on the world. The anti bacterial properties of basil along with its inflammation lessening nature may help you to find relief from the niggling pains and irritable infections.


You will be surprised to find that you can produce magic by bubbling baked potatoes, leeks and olive oil with coconut milk. While creamy, exotic soup tastes like something out of this world, you are bound to be pleasantly surprised on discovering the health benefits associated with it. The flavonoids present in the leeks help in making your heart healthy while the potatoes help to regulate your blood pressure.


  • Chicken Gumbo Soup- Health Benefits

Add  roux, leeks, bell peppers, celery, chicken sausage, sweet potatoes and okra into the bubbling stockpot of nutritious gumbo. The shredded meat from a chicken breast along with a handful of cooked rice completes the list of healthy ingredients and you will be happy to ladle the hearty soup onto your bowl. The goodness of fresh vegetables as well as the health benefits obtained from rice including its digestion boosting capabilities become obvious even as your general health improves courtesy the huge amount of protein that you ingest via the gumbo.


While there is no dearth of ingredients that you can use to prepare a gluten free soup, you need to isolate them as well as the utensils used from products that may happen to contain the wheat protein, gluten.


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Gluten Free Soup Health Benefits