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Gluten Free Pastry Health Benefits

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Gluten Free PastryA baked delight made with alternate flours can taste as delectable when you consume it in the form of a gluten free pastry. The use of nutritious, gluten less grains makes the desserts  beneficial for your health as well.


Health Benefits of Pastry That Is Gluten Free

The health benefits that you hope to achieve by switching to a gluten free diet may not always be the same. It will depend on the type of ingredients used and you are lucky enough to gain an overwhelmingly excess of nutritional benefits courtesy the different types of flours used for baking pastries. Let us now see how exactly we can hope to benefit by consuming them.


  • Vanilla Cupcake

A delicious cupcake prepared with white and brown rice flour, tapioca and sorghum together with some vanilla extract and xanthan gum. The Omega 3 fatty acids and antioxidants present in the vanilla have a cancer fighting ability while ingestion of sorghum and tapioca provide the body with the required amounts of protein and carbohydrates respectively apart from the essential minerals.


  • Chocolate Truffle Tarts

Rice flour and amaranth flour are mixed together with cocoa powder to form the delicious chocolate crust.  While the rice provides the essential fiber and aids in digestion, the amaranth boosts up the body by adding almost all essential minerals and vitamins. The flour is extremely rich in iron and can be consumed to combat anemia or blood disorders successfully.  The dark chocolate and whipped cream combination can help to make a mouth watering filling for the tart with the chocolate contributing greatly to heart health as well as boosting the brain power. The antioxidant content can battle cancer as well, making this pastry a powerhouse of health benefits.


  • Cornmeal Biscotti

A delicious, low fat biscotti prepared from corn meal can help you to regain your health as well as appease your craving for sweet desserts.  Corn starch, granulated sugar and unblanched almonds come together to be baked into a delightful biscotti that can do wonders to your health too. The corn is considered to be extremely nutritious and effective in lowering blood cholesterol levels thereby contributing to improved heart health as well as  proper blood circulation.


There is no limit to the numbers of gluten free pastry that you can bake. However, make it a point to select the right ingredients which have a positive effect on your health.  


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Gluten Free Pastry Health Benefits