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Easy Rice Dishes for Kids

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Delicious tomato rice for kidsDoes your kid hate rice? Do you keep wondering about ideas for quick and easy rice dishes, which your kids will love? Rice dishes for kids can be improvised as per the preferences of kids by adding vegetables, tofu and even chicken – anything which makes the dish delicious, so as to draw the attention of the kids. Here are some very quick and easy rice dishes for kids for you to try out at home.


Tomato rice:

An uncommon sweet and sour tasting rice dish which can be prepared in just half an hour. Kids can have tomato rice with a vegetable curry. Tomato rice is known to give great energy and is said to increase the immunity levels too, especially during the summer time.


Lemon Rice:

Quick and easy rice dish that kids simply adore! Lemon juice gives the dish a tangy taste and it also acts as a blood purifier. Peanuts are kids' favorite and their presence in rice makes this dish tasty as well as nutritious..


Ghee rice:

Ghee or clarified butter adds a unique taste to this rice dish. Kids simply love basmati flavor mingled with rice. A simple vegetable dish tastes best when served with ghee rice.


Prawns Biryani:

Lip smacking and healthy dish that moms can prepare in just 35 minutes - isn't it quick? Coconut milk gives the dish a creamy texture and prawns not just make the dish yummy but they are also an extremely good source of protein with low fat content.Easy to prepare prawn biriyani for kids


Green Peas Pulav (pilaf):

Irresistible delicacy which can be served as a kid's birthday party menu too. Milk and peas used in pulav is also a healthier substitute for meat and is loved by those who are vegetarians.


Potato Rice:

Potatoes are considered as the most favorite kid’s vegetables, so aloo rice can be a good option. Cumin seeds and ghee gives the dish a fine aroma and makes it simply addictive.Kids special aloo rice


Egg Biryani:

Eggs biryani can be prepared within half an hour at home and you will be amazed to find your kid waiting impatiently.  Spices and butter used in the dish makes the dish incredible with a fine fragrance and eggs  can protect your child’s eyes.Egg biryani prepared for kids


Try out any of these easy rice dishes for your kid and do not forget to write us back on how happy your kids were!


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Easy Rice Dishes For Kids