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Onion For Heart — Good Or Bad

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 Yellow OnionsWhat tastier way to a healthier heart than sweet, crunchy onions? If you shy away from eating onions for fear of onion breath, then think again for this edible bulb could leave you with a healthy heart. Onions are sweet, fat and cholesterol free, and contains very little sodium which makes it the numero uno heart vegetable. Besides, onions are powerhouse of flavonoids like quercetin that not only helps to prevent atherosclerosis but also reduce early signs of heart disease. To explore more on benefits of onion for heart, read on.



Onion For Heart


  • Onions help to prevent thrombosis, reduce hypertension and lower cholesterol levels. Consuming onion juice every day can improve the levels of HDL cholesterol, which is the good cholesterol, and thereby reduce risk of cardiovascular diseases. Hotter white and yellow varieties are believed to be extra good for curbing cholesterol.
  • Cooked or raw, onions are believed to be nature’s best anticoagulant that not only prevents blood from clotting, but also boosts up body’s protective fibrinolytic system. What more, certain chemical components found in onions save blood platelets from sticking together thereby averting the risk of blood clotting.
  • Regular onion eaters have shown  better cardiovascular health than others. Those who consume onions on a regular basis has good blood profiles (cholesterol, triglycerides and HDLs) than those who didn’t. Consuming merely a cup of onion every week can fend off cardiovascular disease.
  • Apart from being a rich source of sulfur, onions also contain high amounts of flavonoids like quercetin that helps to amplify the action of vitamin C. Apart from this, it helps to maintain proper blood flow, prevent the damage caused by free radicals oxidation, prevents platelet clumping and inflammation of the blood vessels.


Tips to Maximize the Benefits of Onions for Heart


  • Of all onions, the red onion is believed to be exceptionally good for the heart. You can either consume it raw or toss is some into your curries, soups, or salads to make the most of it.
  • If you are looking to lower your cholesterol level, then the yellow and white variety of onions could be more helpful.


There is no denying that onions are good for heart. Just munch on a few onion rings everyday and your heat will thank you for it.


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Onion For Heart — Good Or Bad