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Onion For Diabetes- Good Or Bad

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Onion — Onion For DiabetesIf you are suffering from diabetes mellitus, then eating onions every day may prevent insulin production from getting out of whack. Diabetes is a chronic metabolic disorder in which the body loses its natural ability to convert sugars, starches, and food into energy. In that case, eating onions can not only help lower blood sugar levels, but also protect diabetic red blood cells. To know whether onion for diabetes is good or bad, follow the write-up below.


How Effective Is Onion For Diabetes

  • Onions contain active ingredients like allicin and allyl propul disulphide or APDS that help lower blood glucose levels considerably. What's more, these anti-diabetic compounds are very much akin to the compounds used in insulin synthesis and helps stabilize insulin levels in the body.
  • People who consume onion extract on a daily basis have found a significant drop in their high blood sugar levels over a period of time. But that isn’t all. Onions also help to curb high blood pressure, combat infections, cut down the risk of blood clot, and thwart the growth of cancerous tumors.
  • Medical studies have affirmed a direct link between chromium levels and diabetes. Low levels of chromium picolinate can lead to decrease in insulin concentrations. Onions are natural storehouse of chromium picolinate. Regular consumption of onions can increase the efficiency of insulin and boost blood sugar metabolism.
  • Secondly, both onion and garlic contain the active ingredients diallyl disulphide oxide, also known as allicin, and allyl propul disulphide or APDS that cause an increase in insulin production in the body.


Effective Tips On Using Onion For Diabetes

  • The best way to consume onions is to eat them raw. Agreed, doing so can leave you with an onion breath and unpleasant aftertaste, but then onions are more beneficial that way. Add plenty of these edible bulbs into your daily meals to get the most benefit.
  • In case you can’t stand the strong flavor of raw onions, you can substitute them with onion supplements that are easily available on any health food store. Onion supplements are as good as fresh onions.
  • Onions have been a part of folk remedies and have been used to treat and cure a host of ailments. If you are looking to manage your diabetes, then look no further than onions.


If you are wondering if onion for diabetes is good or bad, then by now you probably know that they are nature’s best cure  against  diabetes mellitus.


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Onion For Diabetes- Good Or Bad