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Banana Benefits For Men

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Banana Benefits For Men

Bananas, the perennial fruit adored by all, is rich with many curative properties with several of them being partial towards men. Men are known to be predisposed to lifestyle related health problems like diveticulitis, alcoholism, ED, CVD, etc.  Bananas have the potential to offer solution to all these major problems. To know more on the various benefits of banana for men, read on…


A Guide To Banana Benefits For Men


Helps To Boost Male Libido

Bananas are rich with the enzyme - bromelain, along with the B-vitamin riboflavin and essential mineral - potassium. While the enzyme present in bananas aid in easing erectile dysfunction and enhancing the male libido, vitamins and potassium encourage the production of sex hormones and improve the sexual life.


For Better Heart Health

Studies from AHA have shown that men are more prone to the development of heart diseases than women are. Bananas are packed with potassium, which aids in keeping the heartbeat normal, and lowering the risk associated with the onset of various cardiac conditions. Being low in sodium, bananas are also good for the retention of blood pressure levels, thwarting off the risk of hypertension.


Acts As An Excellent Mood Stabilizer

A medium-sized banana contains about 11mg tryptophan. It is a well-known fact that tryptophan triggers the synthesis of serotonin, the mood-stabilizer. Serotonin also induces sleep. Thus, eating bananas while under extreme levels of stress can put the person at ease by triggering this hormone. A person who eats banana one hour before bedtime gets a good night’s sleep.  Bananas can also help to induce sleep in men who are prone to jetlag or mild insomnia.


Helps To Get Over Alcohol Intoxication

The vitamins B 12 and B 6 present in banana can keep the nervous system healthy, thereby aiding in getting rid of smoking and alcoholism. Studies suggest that a glass of banana milkshake, with honey as the sweetener, can help to get over the intoxication experienced due to alcohol consumption. Bananas help in the restoration of blood sugar levels, rehydrate human body, and thus help in the maintenance of water level of human body.


There are different ways to reap the banana benefits for men. You can just peel and eat it directly, or just slice the bananas and enjoy it with cereals, yogurt, ice, cream, or oatmeal. So relish it and enjoy it benefits for a better sexual life!


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Banana Benefits For Men