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Onion For Liver — Good Or Bad

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Onions Wondering whether onion for liver is good or bad? If you have been diagnosed with a liver problem, then munching on onions could save you some woe. Being a detoxifier, onions enhance liver’s natural ability to rid the body of toxins. Loaded with volatile juices and a whole slew of effective anti-parasite agents, onions amplify liver's ability to flush out toxins and even protect itr through the detoxification process. To know more whether onions are good enough for the liver, read on.


How Is Onion Effective For Liver

  • Onions are super-detoxifier meaning they help to flush out toxins from the body, most importantly from the liver. Rich in sulfur containing amino acids, onions help to recreate glutathione, a detoxifying compound found in liver that helps to flush out toxins from the body. Including delicacies like French shallot salad, cold green shallot soup, or even shallot sauce would ensure that you treat your liver to the goodness of green onions and shallots.

  • Red onions are rich in quercetin, a naturally occurring anti-inflammatory agent that helps to enhance liver function. However, if you aren’t too comfortable munching on raw onions, thanks to its pungent stench, the you can always include dishes like baked red onions, red onion salad, or even red onion salsa to draw on its maximum benefit.

  • A diet rich in onions can help to heal fatty liver. Onions are a potent source of high plant fiber that helps to remove toxins and other harmful substances from the colon, thereby minimizing the burden from the liver and boosting body metabolism. Snacking on onion rings or onion soup can hence live your liver health on a high.

  • Being a rich source of sulfur, onions help to flush out excess estrogen from the body and minimize the damaging effects of many drugs on the liver. Opting for onion dishes, liver and onion fry, or just adding some raw onion rings to your daily salad would leave your metabolism skyrocketing.


Munching on onions is probably the healthiest way to spike up your liver health.  Hence there are no two ways about the theory that onions are good for liver.


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Onion For Liver — Good Or Bad