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Artichoke Broth Health Benefits

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Artichoke Broth Have you tried out artichoke broth ever? If no, then we would suggest you should give it a try, because it not only imparts you with a new taste experience but also has lots of health benefits. You can maximize the artichoke broth health benefits by adding various herbs to it.


This blog discusses some of the best –known and lesser known health benefits of the broth.



Prevention of Cancer and its Treatment

Artichoke is enriched with various types of antioxidants which helps to boost apoptosis (a phenomenon of cell death) and tames cell proliferation in various forms of cancer like breast cancer, prostate cancer, and leukemia.  An Italian study group confirmed that artichokes played very instrumental role in lowering the instances of breast cancer in women who were prone to it.


Weight Loss

Artichoke is enriched with fibers, which makes it a good weight loss food too.  You can begin your day by consuming a bowl of artichoke broth, and it will help you to stay full until the lunch time.


Cholesterol Reduction

A bowl of artichoke broth will aid in reducing the cholesterol. The antioxidants in cholesterol are known to tame the cholesterol by inhibiting the HMG-CoA reductase, which is responsible for boosting the LDL. The antioxidants in artichoke are also known to raise HDL, which is known as good cholesterol.


Liver Booster

As, said before the artichokes are enriched with silymarin and cynarin, which can rejuvenate the liver tissues and cells. An artichoke has been long hailed as a liver medicine and in many popular folk remedies it was used to treat various kinds of liver infections and ailments. Some studies support that in ancient times the artichokes were used to regenerate the tissues in liver, which is either damaged due to some medications or due to excessive drinking. Artichokes are also considered as a good hangover cure. If you are finding it hard to fight against the demons of hangover, then we suggest you to try out the broth cooked using artichoke, it will not only sooth your stomach but also the liver and ease out the problems at once.


Boosts Digestive Health

Artichokes are enriched with chemicals which helps to regulate the digestive functions and boosts overall digestive health. Along with it the artichoke also serves as a natural diuretic and corrects the functions of gallbladder too.


Boosts Bile Flow

Artichoke is enriched with a polyphenol antioxidant known as cynarin, which boosts the bile flow.


As said before the artichoke broth health benefits will consume mammoth of volumes of health books and if we try to recount every benefit. You can enjoy all these health benefits of artichoke broth by incorporating it into your diet. So, we suggest you to try it out once and make best use of this broth by adding it to different foods.


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Artichoke Broth Health Benefits