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Easy Pasta Dishes for Kids

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Easy to prepare pasta dishesEasy pasta dishes are a delicious and quick solution for kid’s meal. Moms can prepare pasta dishes easily at home, pack these for their lunch and even serve them. Vegetables, herbs, meat, poultry, and sauce enhance the taste of pasta and also improve its health benefits. Here in this blog, I am going to share some pasta dishes that are simple and easy to prepare.


Baked Spaghetti in Tomato sauce:

Tasty dish that can wow even the fussiest kid! Ingredients used in the dish are boiled spaghetti, onions, capsicum, tomatoes, fresh cream, cheese, tomato ketchup, butter and ghee. The dish takes 25 minutes to prepare whereas 45 minutes is its cooking time.


Basil and Tomato Pasta:

One of the best known pasta dishes assorted from the Italian cuisine! All you need to prepare this quick and easy pasta dishes is tomato pulp, garlic, onions, tomato puree, fresh cream, sugar and fresh basil leaves. You can prepare the dish within half an hour and serve it to your little ones when you find them shouting with hunger.


Cheese Macaroni with Broccoli:

Delightful dish where creamy macaroni is served with the nutritional benefits of broccoli! Ingredients that you require to prepare the dish are macaroni, garlic, broccoli, fresh basil, milk, cream, cheese and black pepper. The dish takes 20 minutes to prepare which includes 10 minutes of preparation time.


Cheese Pasta with Vegetables:

Fiber rich dish prepared with whole wheat pasta, garlic, red chili, fresh parsley, onions, milk, corn flour and mixed vegetables consisting of beans, carrot, bell pepper and peas. You can prepare the dish within 20 minutes and presence of milk enriches the dish with calcium required for growing kids.

Prepare these wonderful and easy pasta dishes at home and bring cheer to the table!


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Easy Pasta Dishes For Kids