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Easy Zucchini Dishes For Kids

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Oven fried zucchini is quick and easy to makeZucchini dishes are a favorite of moms because they can prepare them in very little time and be happy that their kids are getting the benefits of this vegetable. Zucchini can be added in soups, curries and baked in different ways. Here are some easy and quick zucchini dishes which you can prepare for your kids.


Grilled vegetables:


A quick and easy dish for kids, which is prepared with fresh vegetables! The main ingredients used are fresh mushrooms, medium zucchini and also Italian salad dressing. The preparation time for this dish is just ten minutes, while cooking time is 15 minutes only.


Oven Fried zucchini:


This is an easy way to prepare zucchini dish. The main ingredients used are medium sized zucchini, olive oil, large eggs, bread crumbs, parmesan cheese, dried basils, kosher salt and ground black pepper. It takes just 8 minutes to prepare this dish.


Zucchini Brownies:


One of the easiest zucchini recipes which needs medium sized zucchini in its preparation along with large eggs, bread crumbs, dried basils, kosher salt, ground black pepper and also olive oil. The brownies can be cooked in a short span of time and are normally chewy and very moist with crisp corners.


These easy zucchini dishes can be prepared for kids anytime and after serving one of these to your kid, you will love to see the expression on your kid's face.


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Easy Zucchini Dishes For Kids