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Healthy Shrimp Dishes For Kids

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Shrimp salad served for breakfastHealthy shrimp dishes served with rice or bread can help to plan out a really balanced meal for your kids. Shrimps do not need to be cooked in too much oil or with plenty of sauces, since too much cooking can actually destroy their flavor. Shrimp dishes taste good when prepared with low fat ingredients – here are some choices for shrimp dishes for your kids.


Shrimp salad:


This salad can be served for breakfast too. It is super light and vibrant with plenty of fresh flavors. Fresh corn kernels are used which offers a unique crunchy taste to the dish and complements the salty shrimps used. Arugula is also added to this salad, adding to its taste.


Mango and Basil shrimp:


Kids love the taste of this pan fried shrimp cooked with delicious  mangoes, cooked in spicy basil. Shrimps are peeled before being cooked, so that the kids can have these shrimps easily.


Shrimp dumplings:

Kids love dumplings and when it is shrimp dumplings – nothing can make them happier! Pan-fried shrimp dumplings are crisp outside, tender inside and juicy, with a delightful flavor.


Healthy shrimp dishes are loved by not just kids but are a welcome change for adults too who are on a strict diet, but would love to enjoy the best of seafood!


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Healthy Shrimp Dishes For Kids