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Healthy Salmon Dishes For Kids

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Healthy salmon sandwich for kidsHealthy salmon dishes are recommended for kids, by dieticians and health experts as these are prepared using herbs, with very little oil and mainly baked with minimal use of butter or oil. Salmon dishes, in order to make them healthy, can be prepared using low fat mayonnaise and slow cooked, to help retain the nutrients without adding to the fat count. Here are some easy healthy salmon dishes for kids:


Salmon sandwich:


A healthy sandwich which can be prepared using tomato slices, zesty onions, peppery arugula leaves and low fat mayonnaise. The sandwich is grilled in real Cajun style which does not need additional cooking oil.


Broiled salmons:


This healthy salmon dish is prepared with fermented soybean paste which gives a distinct taste to the dish, as it does in case of marinades, dressings, and dips. Light miso is used while cooking the salmon which makes this dish delicious.


Poached salmon served in yogurt sauce:


Kids love this dish prepared with small sliced pieces of salmon cooked with lemon, peppercorns and fresh dill. The sauce is prepared using lemon juice, finely chopped dill, Dijon mustard and non fat Greek yogurt.


Smoked salmon:


A wonderful smoked salmon dish is prepared in a low fat cream cheese sauce and served with black pepper lemon wedges, arugula and black pepper for additional taste.

Kids can be served all these healthy salmon dishes for lunch and dinner without having to worry about their nutrition – try these out and watch how happy your kids are.

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Healthy Salmon Dishes For Kids