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Healthy Meat Dishes For Kids

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Sphagetti and meatballs make healthy mealHealthy meat dishes include a wide variety of delicious, mouth savoring food prepared in low fat oil and herbs mainly of mutton, beef and pork. Meat is a fabulous source of protein, and phosphorous, which can easily be absorbed by kids in comparison to other food stuff. You can prepare various kinds of healthy dishes consisting of meat and serve it to your hungry devils. Checkout, for some simple and healthy meat dishes that you can prepare at home.


Old-fashioned Spaghetti and Meatballs:

Yummy dish prepared from lean ground beef, Italian sausage, onions, eggs, garlic, oregano, pepper, breadcrumbs, marinara sauce, basil leaves, whole wheat spaghetti and parmesan cheese. The dish takes more than an hour to prepare but with the joy on your  kid's face you will never regret spending time making it. The dish contains 496 calories per serving, including fiber, fat, potassium, sodium and protein.


Loaded Twice-Baked Potatoes:

Perfect combination of russet potatoes, ground beef, broccoli, cheddar cheese, reduced fat sour cream, pepper, and scallions makes it an amazing palate, loved by all kids. The dish takes 40 minutes to prepare which includes preparation time. Per serving of the dish contains 274 calories, including all the necessary nutrients making it the best easy healthy meat dishes.


Deep Dish Meat Loaf Pie:

Ground beef is mixed together with egg, Worcestershire sauce, salt, breadcrumbs and cheese before they are baked and served hot. Eggs used in the pie are good for eyes and it is also a high source of protein.

Healthy meat dishes are tasty and filling, which makes it perfect to be served during lunch or dinner, especially for kids who are a bit choosy.


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Healthy Meat Dishes For Kids