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Healthy Beef Dishes For Kids

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Healthy beef dishes for childrenHealthy beef dishes are possible – if you use less of fat content, use specific pieces of beef and make slight changes in the cooking style. Kids can be served beef in moderation or only when the dishes are prepared in a healthy style. Here are some ideas on healthy beef dishes for your kids.


Slow cooked Italian beef: 


To make this beef dish healthy for kids, thin slices of beef are used with beef broth and pepperoncinni well sliced. The ingredients are well combined and dry dressing mix is used and cooked on medium heat for an hour.


Chuck wagon salad:


This is a kids special beef dish which is prepared with wagon wheel pasta ( kids delight) and barbecued beef. This is actually a green salad which is prepared with lettuce leaves, sliced tomatoes, fresh green bell pepper sliced onions and cooked lean sirloin. Barbecue sauce can be added to enhance its taste further.


Taco beef and pasta:


This is quite an interesting beef dish which is prepared with yet another kids favorite – pasta. Olive oil is used which adds to the nutrition count, along with ingredients like black beans, fresh chopped cilantro, chunky salsa, crushed garlic, round steak and packed taco seasoning. This can be prepared in a very short span of time.Taco beef - an interesting beef dish for kids


Prepare these healthy beef dishes for kids and let them get the wonderful taste of beef, without you having to worry about the nutrition.


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Healthy Beef Dishes For Kids