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Top Wheat Free Restaurants - Eating Out With Wheat Allergy

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wheat free restaurantGoing entirely wheat free is the only option available when you are plagued with wheat allergy  or gluten intolerance. There are numerous such destinations available on account of the prevalence of these conditions. You can also step into gluten free eateries as they are certain to double up as wheat free restaurants. Check out a few options given below and decide for yourself.


  1. The Republic

This classy joint in San Francisco may soon become your favorite destination for myriad reasons. For one, it caters to the public by serving a wide array of sumptuous dishes cooked with fresh ingredients while helping the allergic individuals to cope with their conditions too. The kid’s Menu featuring a host of delicacies without using the traditional wheat flour will be enough to satiate your kid while you can opt to dine or step in for a wholesome brunch without fearing that you might get to consume wheat accidentally.


  1. Bonefish Grill

This restaurant located in the State noted for KFC will prove to be a veritable delight once you get to look at its menu. From starters, soups and hand held delights like the Bang Bang Taco, every item is bound to leave you pining for more especially when you find out that it uses no allergen including wheat flour.


  1. The Tuscan Tea Room

This quaint café in Seattle is sure to look inviting once you note that it stocks gluten free products. Apart from the exotic range of teas, the eatery can tickle your imagination as you chomp on chocolate medallions of beef and sumptuous lamb chops which are totally devoid of allergens. You are also free to consult with the kitchen staff, discussing your condition, a step that will ensure that you get to be served with the wheat less items only.


  1. Bollo’s Café and Bakery

This Virginian café has an entire day of the week dedicated to allergen free food with mouthwatering cakes, desserts and artisan breads baked with alternate fours. The Focacia breads and cinnamon rolls apart, every single item on the menu starting from pastries, brownies, pies, and muffins come in gluten and wheat free versions as well making it an absolute treasure trove for you.


There are wheat free restaurants in every city of America now and all you have to do is to find one near you. Good Luck!



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Top Wheat Free Restaurants - Eating Out With Wheat Allergy