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Top Peanut Free Restaurants - Eating Out With Peanut Allergy

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peanut  free restaurants Peanut allergy happens to be a health problem that has affected American kids for a long time now. This makes it imperative to find out  good  peanut  free restaurants in the immediate vicinity of your residential area as your kid would just long to be treated as any normal kid . While the entire exercise might prove to be a trifle time consuming, you are bound to get the results once you set your mind to it. Check out a few of the fast food joints that are concerned about allergic kids and do their best to help them.


  1. Taco Bells

This Mexican Joint can serve as an ideal destination for a quick celebratory dinner. You are bound to enjoy the atmosphere and delicious Tex-Mex and Mexican cuisine as you watch your kid tuck into tacos, burritos, nachos, and specialty salads with gusto. A cherry Cola to wash it all down will undoubtedly prove to be a memorable experience as you find yourself relaxing in the no-peanut zone.


  1. Burger King

This fast food giant is sensitive enough to avoid using peanut and tree nuts in their every day food items. You can accompany your kid to the nearby joint and watch him have the time of his life biting into a juicy burger with all the added frills.  While the outlet is sure to have an allergen information available, it might be a good idea to avoid desserts completely as a precautionary measure.


  1. Wendy’s

There is no point in keeping your child away from the best tasting fast food in town simply because he has peanut allergy. The company takes care to use allergen free food on a day to day basis with their range of wraps, hamburgers, salads and beverages being completely free of nuts. The twisted frostys may pose a danger of cross contamination though and you would be well advised to avoid them completely along with the apple pecan chicken salad as you get ready to order.


  1. KFC

There is no place more beloved than the faithful KFC when it comes to fried food. However, you do need to be careful on account of peanut contamination either in the dust form or as a cooking medium. The management at KFC has made it a point to use allergen free ingredients only which has resulted in an increase in the number of their kid patrons.  The grilled chickens, plated food, sandwiches, and desserts can all be safely consumed by your child, except for the Reese’s Peanut Butter Pie Slice, which will be the only item containing peanuts.


The assurances and food labeling laws as well as the allergen-related information are very fine, but you cannot really be too careful while choosing a peanut-free restaurant for your young child. It will also be a good idea to stick to fruit based desserts instead of trying to figure out the hidden ingredients in an unknown creamy sweet dish. Follow these basic rules and you will have no problem taking your kid out for a treat every so often.


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Top Peanut Free Restaurants - Eating Out With Peanut Allergy