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Top Soy Free Restaurants - Eating Out With Soy Allergy

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soy free restaurant Soy derivates are considered to be ideal as alternatives to dairy products that are cherished by vegans as well. But what happens when the plant protein turns harmful and you are forced to give it up? The answer is quite simple apparently. All you have to do is to find out suitable soy free restaurants in your locality and dine safely. Check out a few of such restaurants listed below and be sure to visit them soon.


  1. The Flame Broiler

You would be astounded to find yourself amidst familiar surroundings once you enter the outlet. Healthy chicken or beef meat cooked with trans fat and completely devoid of soy greets you from the interiors of a bowl or plate. You can even opt to go in for a half and half portion. The full meals served as rib plate, work plate and mini chicken bowl are all filling and delicious making you a happy man indeed!


  1. HuHot Mongolian Grill

It is possible to create your own meal from scratch at the HuHot and you can safely add the ingredients that you fancy, while keeping an eye on your health. The restaurant does not believe in using MSG while cooking and their grilled meat and noodles section is likely to leave you spell bound. You are free to inquire about the ingredients as some of the Asian dishes featured here do contain soy sauce. But the allergen free,  nutritional ingredients always come first making it safe for you to dine at this exotic venue.


  1. Mangetout Organic Café

A well known cafe located in the Connecticut area can serve as an excellent alternative to the regular eateries. You are free to sample their breakfast and lunch menus, which are prepared with organic ingredients. The meal is put together from scratch with their home made granola deserving special mention. Both dairy and soy products are on offer and you can take your pick if you just happen to glance at the long list of delectable dishes on the menu. Wraps and paninis are certain to be prepared sans soy once you educate the waiter about your condition.


  1. Thornton’s Bar and Grille

This Maine deli specializes in Anadama bread baked without gluten, dairy or soy. A delicious concoction of corn and eggs is bound to have you asking for more. The rye bread without the addition of soy and a special 10-inch pizza served with all the frills is prepared without any kind of soy additives either. The mouthwatering variety is likely to have you come back to the Deli for more and more of their special soy free products.


Being detected with an allergy is undoubtedly devastating but locating  soy free  restaurants that serve every kind of delicacy will not be too challenging for you after you have read this blog. 


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Top Soy Free Restaurants - Eating Out With Soy Allergy