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Top Gluten Free Restaurants - Eating Out With Gluten Allergy

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gluten free restaurantEating out when you are plagued with wheat allergy or celiac disease can indeed pose a problem. However, the necessity of finding gluten free food has prompted many restaurants to tweak their menu in order to cater to individuals who cannot digest certain grains. Read on to find a list of gluten free restaurants that will help you to stay safe while you enjoy the experience the pleasure of eating out.


  1. Lori's Natural Foods Center

This Gluten free eatery located in new York stocks organic produce which are absolutely gluten free. Deli items as well as a range of sandwiches, soups and total meals are prepared with fresh alternative grains and you can freely tuck into their desserts that include pastries and cupcakes made from scratch with wholesome flour that is completely devoid of gluten.


  1. Aurelio's Pizzaria

Specialty Pizzas baked with gluten free flours along with delicious spaghettis are bound to make your heart grow fonder whenever you happen to visit Chicago. The management of the restaurant is not averse to customizing their signature products as per your taste and necessity making it an ideal place for you to eat out whenever you are in a mood for some Italian food.


  1. California Chicken Café

Large family sized chicken meals served with alternate grain flour; pita bread is a specialty of the café as are the delectable wraps which are prepared carefully with healthy ingredients. You can also help yourself to the nutritious pasta salads on the side without worrying about whether it would trigger off your allergy within minutes of eating it.


  1. BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse

Pizzas, steaks, and entrees are all prepared in a gluten less environment with fresh organic products which makes this quaint eatery and drinking house a hit with the local population of Texas. The Kids are encouraged to choose their own meal from a vast range of entrees, soups, and main dishes along with a mouthwatering selection of desserts.  Just remember to steer clear off the meatballs which may contain the offending substance and you’re sure to have a whale of a time.


Finding out gluten free restaurants is not a difficult task when you set your mind to it. Be sure to question the chefs and restaurant staff and you are likely to find a menu that will help you to enjoy your dining experience without any worries.


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Top Gluten Free Restaurants - Eating Out With Gluten Allergy