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Top Dairy Free Restaurants - Eating Out With Dairy Allergy

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dairy free restaurantThe possibility of eating out while you have the compulsion of sticking to restrictive diet might seem to be an impossible task. But milk allergy and lactose intolerance is rampant across the United States of America and finding out a suitable venue will not really be too much of a problem once you set your mind to it. Check out some of the top dairy free restaurants listed here and you are certain to find one that suits your needs.  


  1. Kuma Inn

The restaurant situated in New York offers exotic Filipino food that is totally devoid of dairy products.  The meat heavy food along with crunchy seaweed salad and delectable coconut cream based desserts will make you feel special indeed!


  1. Three Brothers Bakery

The Houston based bakery caters to the Jewish population residing in the area mainly but you are welcome to partake the kosher desserts which happen to be totally dairy free. The seven Layer Mocha Cake along with the Pecan Torte is likely to keep you mesmerized. You will also be sure to return again and again to the place that stocks such healthy delights  without charging you an arm and a leg.


  1. Pure Luck Restaurant

A upper end Los Angeles restaurant catering to the vegan population of show biz has an enormous array of delicious goodies that are totally prepared with vegetable products which makes dairy an absolute no-no in this eatery. Fruit based desserts and jackfruit in sloppy Joes seems to have an irresistible attraction for the residents of this area. Borscht is the popular soup of choice as are the absolutely divine sweet potato dishes.


  1. Captain Grille Yacht Club

This popular joint of Disneyland holds the same attraction for the young and the old. The Salmon and vegetable dish served with a dollop of dairy free butter  is the icing on the cake as you will stare goggle eyed at the rice milk and tofu ice cream topped with some dairy less candy.


  1. Mala Tang

An eatery that looks and feels Chinese with the food served at this Washington DC joint being authentic Chinese as well. Considered to be an excellent place for dining in groups, this restaurant satiates you with its wide range of Asian vegetables from the Napa cabbage to taro root and water chestnuts. The Dan Dan noodles along with the Zhong dumplings lack dairy products which makes it ideal for you. Don’t forget to order the small sesame seed balls, one of the most coveted items on the menu.


It is not too difficult to refrain from milk products if you keep a watch on the dairy free restaurants located in and around your residential area. Ask around if you are not too sure about the ingredients and you are likely to find one before too long.


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Top Dairy Free Restaurants - Eating Out With Dairy Allergy