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Healthy Vegetables Dishes for Kids

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Healthy vegetable dishes for kidsHealthy vegetable dishes  are a combination of fresh vegetables cooked in low quantity oil  with seasonings. Generally, children do not like to eat vegetables and making them eat vegetables happily becomes quite a tough task. Here are some very easy ideas of preparing vegetables that may help you entice your kids.


1. Radish, Carrot, and Apple Salad:

A yummy starter where radish, carrots and apples are peeled, grated, and served along with fresh herbs and garnished with sour cream. You can use low fat sour cream in place of the  pure cheese. Carrots used in the salad improve the appearance of your kid’s skin and nails. Carrots also improve eyesight whereas radish is an excellent source of vitamin C.


2. Pumpkin Pie:

This is a great way to ensure that your kid has pumpkin. All you need to prepare the dish is pumpkin, eggs, non-fat cottage cheese, hard cheese, nutmeg, and pepper. Pumpkin pie


3. Grilled Vegetable Pizza :

Pizza is an ideal option for treating your kids to a variety of vegetables. You can add red peppers, zucchini, eggplant, asparagus, mushrooms, onions, and scallions to the pizza. By adding tomato sauce you can give the pizza a savory taste that the kids might love. You may also add broccoli as it contains high amount of potassium essential for regular muscles growth.


4. Baked Turnip with Cheese Sauce:

Lip smacking dish where peeled and chopped turnips are mixed together with garlic, egg, cheese, and sauce and baked in oven before they are served hot. The dish takes maximum of 10 to 15 minutes to prepare and your kids may enjoy the benefits of turnip. Per 100 grams of turnip contains 27mg of vitamin C, 137mg calcium, 3.5g fiber, 381ug of vitamin A, 1.1g protein and 32 calories.Baked turnip


5. Spaghetti Pie:

A popular dish among kids, prepared from mushroom slices, onions, garlic, oregano, tomato pasta sauce, broccoli, cooked spaghetti, and lean ground beef.Sphaghetti pie


6. Vegetable Dish Casserole:

A fabulous dish which is quite filling and can be served during lunch or dinner; the ingredients required to prepare the American delight are celery, carrots, onions, green pepper, mushroom, rice, water chestnuts, and soy sauce. The presence of so many vegetables  makes the dish rich in dietary fiber.

Try making these healthy vegetables dishes and let your kids eat it all up, eagerly and happily.


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Healthy Vegetables Dishes For Kids