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Meat Broth Health Benefits

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Europeans have been using meat broth, since time immemorial to flavor their sauces. The broth, prepared from meat is that, along with improving the flavor of the food it also confers immeasurable health benefits. So, we  thought of discussing the top meat broth health benefits in this blog.



The health benefits of meat broth are:- 

Meat Broth – Powerhouse of Nutrients

Broth prepared from meats like veal, pork and beef is power packed with nutrients. These meats are enriched with high –quality proteins, and minerals like zinc, iron, etc. Slurping a bowl of broth prepared from lean meat is indeed a dandy way of getting a nutritional jolt. The iron in red meats like beef is heme iron. Heme iron from beef helps to improve the absorption of nonheme iron from other plant foods.


Lowers Bad Cholesterol

Despite being in bad books of the eaters for long time , recent studies have indicated that eating lean meat like beef, veal or pork will aid in lowering the LDL cholesterol and boosting the HDL cholesterol. This is because the fats found in most of the lean meats are monounsaturated, which helps to lower the cholesterol in blood and curbs the risk of heart disease. Also, the saturated fats present in the beef or other lean meat is in the form of stearic acid, which does not alter cholesterol levels in the body.


Improves Heart Health

Some new studies suggest that preparing a broth out of pasture-fed lamb meat or any other similar animal can be very beneficial. Pasture fed lamb contains very small amount of trans fat. Vaccenic acid is one of the potential trans fat found in lamb meat. The Vaccenic acid acts as a precursor for CLA (Conjugated Linolenic Acid). The increased CLA consumption lowers down the risk of cardiovascular diseases.


Strengthens Bones

Meat broths prepared by cooking the bones of animals are high in calcium. Sometimes vinegar is added to the broths to leach out maximum calcium from the bones. Meat broths prepared by boiling bones are usually recommended to people suffering from issues of bone health.  A bowl of such calcium enriched broth can aid women going through mid-life crisis. Most of the women approaching menopause suffer from the estrogen imbalance, which leaches away the bone minerals, thereby inducing osteoporosis.


Saves from Inflammations

Broths prepared by cooking organic and lean meats are usually enriched with zinc and selenium. Selenium present in a meat regulates the functioning of glutathione peroxidase, a type of antioxidant enzyme, which helps to lower the inflammations. This means a meat broth will definitely help to lower the severity of diseases like rheumatoid arthritis and asthma.


To maximize the meat broth health benefits, it is suggested to cook them and incorporate them in maximum dishes.  But remember “moderation” is the word and also you should consult your dietician and physician before making large lifestyle changes.


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Meat Broth Health Benefits