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Butter Broth Health Benefits

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553630-butter-broth-health-benefits.mushroomsoupButter broth can enhance the flavor of  bland food and also boost its nutritive value.  Despite being such a popular food item but most of us are not aware of butter broth health benefits.This might be because butter is notorious for being high in saturated fats.This blog discusses some of the ignored, well-known and lesser-known health benefits of butter broth.


The health benefits of butter broth are:-

The Cholesterol Benefit

Butter is notorious for inducing cholesterol and heart complications. However, in reality the butter is enriched with a compound known as lecithin. Lecithin is a type of micronutrient, which gets attached to a vesicle laden with cholesterol, known as micelle. 


“The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition” (1999) reported that scientists at Washington University have concluded that lecithin –laden micelles dissolved cholesterol within them, and transported it back to liver, thereby lowering the cholesterol levels and inhibiting the absorption. Also, it has been found that cholesterol present in butter fat is very vital for regulating brain functions and development of nervous system in children.


Final Verdict: You can slurp a bowl of butter broth without the second thoughts about  cholesterol.


Boosts Brain Health

Butter is enriched with Arachidonic Acid or AA, which is plays a very active role in regulating the brain functions and serves as a vital component in cell membranes.  Moderate consumption of organic butter or broth made up of organic butter can do wonders for people suffering from various memory related disorders like dementia  or Alzheimer’s, etc.


Impressive Fatty Acid Profile

The scientists belonging to Bauman Research Group in Cornell University have identified that butter is enriched with trans fatty acids , which gets converted into CLA (Conjugated Linolenic Acid) , when it enters into the human body. CLA is known for actively inhibiting the actions of carcinogens. The researchers added that butter can be used for stabilizing the cholesterol levels in plasma, if their CLA levels are increased in proportion to the fat. They also added that the improved plasma cholesterol levels can inhibit the risk of atherosclerosis. Dr. Martha Belury , from Department of Nutrition at Ohio State University , adds that CLA  boosts immune system and aid in bone formation as well boosts gene expression and fatty acid metabolism in several tissues. Apart from this CLA is also revered for its anti-adipogenic, anti-carcinogenic, anti-diabetogenic, and anti-atherosclerotic properties.


Final Verdict: A bowl of broth prepared by cooking organic butter will serve you with effective fatty acids, which will help to avoid some big diseases like cancer, etc.


Antifungal Agent

Many people may question our decision on declaring butter broth as an effective anti-fungal agent. But its absolutely true, a bowl of salty broth prepared by boiling organic butter can serve as a potent anti –fungal agent, because it is enriched with an antioxidant known as lauric acid. Lauric acid can effectively revolt against candida and fungal infections.


After reading this blog on butter broth health benefits, some may ask that if this broth can really lower our dependence on medicines or doctor.  For them we would like to add that the broth cooked with butter is not a treatment for any kind of ailment, but indeed it is a comforting solution for many health problems, if used in a controlled and wise manner.



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Butter Broth Health Benefits