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Celery Broth Health Benefits

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Celery Broth Celery , also well-known by its scientific name Apium graveoleans, imparts several distinct health benefits . Every part of the celery plant is beneficial, including its juice or if cooked its broth. Adding celery to your broth or preparing a broth using all parts of celery can be extremely beneficial. This blog recounts some of the celery broth health benefits.


The health benefits of celery broth are:- 


Researchers at Da-Yeh University, of Taiwan have found that compounds in celery are very effective in lowering the cholesterol levels. Researchers added that these compounds worked by reducing the triglycerides, and boosting HDL. So, if you are suffering from cholesterol, then try to consume celery broth more often. 



Scientists at Harvard Medical School Center for Neurologic diseases have identified that celery can be used in the treatment of alzheimer’s. They added that celery exhibited some effective neuroprotective properties which can aid brain health in big way. All these arguments were supported by a study where alzheimer’s subjects were treated to foods containing celery on regular basis. The scientists found that celery aided in lowering the progression of disease. This means a bowl of celery broth will definitely help to lower the symptoms of disease.


Strokes and Parkinsons

Parkinsons disease is another neurological disorder, which can be treated with the help of celery broth. The May 2010 edition of “Neuroscience Letters” - published a study on treatment of parkinson’s disease. The scientists involved in study opined that celery juice or celery extracts can be very effective in treatment of neurological disorder like Parkinsons and stroke. This means a broth prepared from celery can be administered to patients suffering from neurological disorders. It may not help to cure or treat the disease on the whole, but it will surely curb some common symptoms associated with the disease.



Over the years many scientists and health experts have openly supported  celery consumption due to its antioxidant properties. During various studies it was affirmed that celery was loaded with different types of antioxidants which helped to fight the actions of free radicals.


Anti-Inflammatory Action

Celery is enriched with anti-inflammatory compounds. This means people suffering from arthritis and other inflammatory diseases can rely on celery enriched broths for relief.


Stomach Protection

We all know that ulcers are bad for everyone, and learning some natural ways to treat them will always help. According to a study conducted by researchers at the King Saud University in Riyadh, celery enriched foods can help to get rid of ulcers in a very soothing, but effective manner. This means you can think of incorporating celery broth into your diet more often, if stomach ulcers are bothering you too much.


Multiple Sclerosis

Until now there has been no known natural treatment for inhibiting the advancement for multiple sclerosis. But scientists have identified that a compound known as MS14, can slow down the advancement of the disease. According to a study published in “Chinese Journal of Integrative Medicine” (2010) - drugs containing celery can curb the advancement of disease multiple sclerosis.


This blog on celery broth health benefits only recounts some beneficial remedies for curbing advancement of certain disease, it doesn’t promotes this broth as  treatment or cure for any disease. Also, the people suffering from celery allergy should stay away from this broth and try to find other healthy alternatives. 


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Celery Broth Health Benefits