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Wheat Free Lunch Ideas For School

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wheat free lunchSticking to a wheat free lunch day in and day out certainly seems to a difficult proposition. But you will actually be surprised to find how easy it is to avoid the offending grain completely. There are quite a few alternatives available with each being nutritious as well as delicious. All it takes is a little imagination. Read on to find the simplest way of packing a wheat free lunch for school.


Wheat Free Lunch Ideas

There are no dearth of grains when you cannot allow your child to eat the white bread or confections prepared from wheat flour. Breakfast cereals have to be selected carefully too in such cases which might make you conjure scary visions of your little kid lunching on a solitary apple.  This scenario is far from the truth, however. Check out a few of the alternatives available.


  • Roasted Vegetables

A great way to make your kid have his daily fill of veggies is to pop them into the oven. Potatoes, squashes, carrots, avocadoes and bell peppers all roasted until crispy make a sumptuous treat when eaten with greens. Feel free to pack in wedges of lime and tiny cherry tomatoes along with thinly sliced boiled eggs and you are sure to provide adequate nutrition to your child.


  • Brown Rice

Rice may not be a coveted item when it comes to a staple for your kid. However, it makes a great alternative when stir fried with chicken slices, tofu and julienned ginger. Pack it after adding some soy sauce to it and watch your kid bragging about eating Chinese food for lunch.


  • Fried Chicken

Pan fry chicken wings after dredging them in corn flour and sauté a few mushrooms to go with it. Your kid will have the time of his life biting into the succulent white meat even as his peers have to do with the boring sandwiches.


  • Fruit Parfait

Prepare your own version of parfait by using plain yogurt and an assortment of fruits. Add a handful of nuts or use a tropical fruit like mango to alter the taste from time to time thus creating a dessert that is hard to pass.


You need not confine yourself to the above-mentioned items only. Think deeply and create your own recipes for packing a wheat free lunch while your kid remains at school.


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Wheat Free Lunch Ideas For School