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Borage Leaf Benefits

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Borage leaf Borage leaf is used in cooking and in many home remedies.It is edible and has a cucumber like flavor. Let us learn more about the borage leaf benefits


Health Benefits of Borage Leaf

  • Tea made from borage leaves is used in treating fevers and depression.
  • Leaves are a good anti-diarrhea remedy.
  • They are good for relieving bronchitis symptoms.
  • Powdered borage leaves are used for curing swellings, sprains, inflammation, and skin irritations.
  • Borage leaves can prevent food borne illnesses by inhibiting growth of intestinal parasites.
  • They have antioxidant property and can resist damage caused by free radicals.
  • Water extract of borage leaves can delay spoilage of food due to potent antimicrobial property.



Culinary Benefits of Borage Leaf

Borage leaves benefits extend into our daily cooking. The strong antioxidant property of the leaves makes it a healthy addition to all dishes. Consumption of borage leaf has a cleansing action on the stomach. The leaves can be sautéed and steamed like spinach. Borage leaves have a milder taste than spinach or celery and they can be use to replace these in common recipes involving the same. The leaves are used to season cheese, vegetables, poultry, fish etc. It can be used along with dill, mint, or garlic. Chopped borage leaves can be used as garnish.


Borage leaf has many benefits. Try them to enjoy them  all!


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Borage Leaf Benefits