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Gluten Free Lunch Ideas For School

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Gluten free lunchPreparing your child for school every day is likely to become a problem if you are not too sure of packing a gluten free lunch for your allergic kid. There is really no reason to fret though. All you have to do is to check out the points below and proceed according to a few norms. Read on for details.


Gluten Free Lunch Ideas

It will be wise to go through the recipes available and consider using the ingredients that will cause no harm to your kid. Do keep his tastes in mind while cooking and you are sure to win over the fussy eater. Take a look at some of the recipes that are likely to work with your kid.


You do not really have to follow the Jewish faith in order to partake this excellent gluten-free soup. Boil some low fat chicken broth and add a good amount of crunhy matzoh balls prepared with matzoh crackers, meal and eggs. Pack it securely in a container which will keep it warm. You are sure to hear demands for more of the same, the next day too.


  • Turkey Crepe Wraps

Simply prepare a number of crepes with 100% buckwheat and stuff each of the crepes with cooked turkey meat and provolone cheese. Add a big lettuce leaf and spread the meat liberally with mustard or home made mayonnaise. Your kid is bound to relish them more than the oh-so boring sandwiches.


  • Rice Krispie Squares

An excellent sweet treat for your child would be to fry a few marshmallows in butter and add a box of rice krispie cereal to them. Coat the krispies properly with the softened marshmallows and press them flat into the pan before cutting it in uneven squares. This is sure to serve as a delightful dessert that is not commonplace at all.


  • Lemonade

You need not be worried about your kid trying to quench his thirst with a can of commercial drink. Get ready to prepare a simple and nutritious citrus drink for him and watch him score with his friends at school. Blending water, sugar and fresh lemon juice together will make a refreshing drink which can be made fizzy by using sparkling water. Simply add a sprig of mint to it while you pack it in a container and you will be rewarded by the broad smile your kid bestows upon you.


It is just a matter of time until you perfect the art of preparing a gluten free lunch for your kid to carry to school. Learn about the alternatives available and mix the ingredients carefully in order to create a tasty dish that would raise no complaints.


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Gluten Free Lunch Ideas For School